Does This Make Me A Racist?

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  • Sabine

    "So I do sometimes wonder why people from another country choose to emigrate to Britain if they do not intend to adopt the host’s country’s culture and language."

    Probably to escape desperate situations in their native country? Starvation, unemployment, ethnic cleansing...just to name a few?

    I'm not disagreeing with your view, but why do the British take over other colonies if they do not intend to adopt the "host's" country's culture and language either? All super powers through out history are guilty of taking over “inferior” cultures, and basically pillaging natural resources. I think what's happening in Britain and America is called, in extremely simplistic terms....bad karma, or payback time. Racist…no, a tad myopically egocentric, maybe, IMHO.

  • Naeblis

    It doesn't make you racist. A bit narrowminded maybe.

  • WildHorses

    I do believe that if someone emigrates to a certian country, they should learn the language, but I don't think they should let go of their culture. It is a part of who they are.

    The Mexicans I know come to the US in order to make money to send back to their families. If they didn't do this, some would starve to death. It is that poor over there. I don't blame the one bit for wanting to come here to make a better life for their families. I would do it too if I had to. Besides, most that come here take jobs that no one else wants to do anyway.


    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • tdogg

    If I were to move to a foreign country I would feel obligated to be fluent in the language and understand the culture. I would not feel that I should adopt the culture. Many immigrants I meet dont even bother to learn the language.

    Here is the question that I ponder on this subject: Why is leaving your country the only answer? I understand that there are many desparate people living in horrid countries. Are there no patriots anymore that are willing to make their own country a better place? Would you? Would I?

  • hillary_step


    Thank you for raising an important issue, and being honest about it!

    I too am very concerned with the lack of thought given by governments about the whole issue of mass immigration and international cultural movements. I have no sympathy with Le Pen and his ilk. He is a dangerous man, but people have voted for him for reasons.

    It seems that very little governmental thought is put into quantifying the effects that large numbers of immigrants will have on the social structure of the community that they move into. Often it irreversibly alters the fabric of that community to the point those who have lived there for generations no longer feel at home themselves. This stokes the fires of resentment that the lesson of history proves will eventually burn fiercely.

    In France it is the Algerian and Muslim culture, in Italy the African, in the UK the East Indian, in Canada at least on the West Coast the Chinese, who now make up 50% of the population and own 80% of the businesses in one of its larger cities. Inner city schools are made up of 80% Orientals and 20% indigenous peoples. This breeds resentment and poor schooling as many of these children have only basic English. This of course is just a sample of what is happening to every country around the world which is viewed as economically prosperous.

    Of course these are all wonderful cultures, each with their own rich tapestry of art, music and color *but* this is not the point.

    People need to ask themselves how Algeria would feel if five million Frenchmen moved into Algeria in 20 years, Or India if 12 million East Indians moved into its country, or China if seven million Canadians moved there in fifteen years. Would they let them in, or might they view them a danger to the social balance of their communities?

    Though ethically many Western nations may deserve what they are getting due to the savage historical attachment that they have had with many of the countries that now haunt its borders, this again is *not* the point. A nations first loyalty should be to its indigenous population.

    When an incoming nation alters the fabric of that nation, and does so often purely for economic betterment, then it *will* have long term and usually negative effects for the indigenous population.

    Yesterday on BBC Radio 4, a French-Algerian was interviewed about Le Pen's victory. He said that he felt that peaceful Parisian days were threatened. When asked whether he would now move back to Algeria, he replied "No", adding "I cannot earn good money there, I will move to Canada, or the USA". This does not take care of the immigration problem, it passes it on to others to handle.

    I was amused a couple of years ago when a CO gave me his notion as to why huge immigrant movements were taking place the past decade. He felt that it was "Jehovah’s way of allowing us to preach to them", sort of like the Mountain and Mohammed type of scenario. Given the large numbers of these immigrants becoming JW’s in their new Western homes, it makes a lot more sense than most Western Governments immigration policies….lol

    One thing is certain, this is not a problem that will go away and it *needs* to be discussed honestly and openly.

    A largely unapologetic and politically incorrect HS

  • Nemesis

    It’s St. George’s day today, the patron Saint of England!

    I was just watching the six o’clock news, and Ken Livingston (Mayor of London) adamantly refused to recognise the St. George’s day or the culture and heritage of the English, yet his racism is tolerated, as is all English bashing, abuse and race hate attacks. Livingston spent £100,000 [$144,914] of Londoner’s money for the Irish celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and Londoners were conned out of £4,000,000 [$5,796,555] last year for the Notting Hill Carnival [a predominantly black West-Indian carnival]. So how much publicity and money do the English get on their patron saints day? Zero money, and virtually zero publicity, and this is the common rise in abuse of all things English. We get all others cultures forced on us and we have to pay for them, but when we want publicity and recognition for our own culture, history and country, we get zero, and accused of racial overtones, or nationalism—yet, in a few months we will be force fed a black carnival that will cost millions of pounds to police and we have to pay for it! Where is the equality in that? It’s no wonder so many resent certain ethnic communities for their hypocrisy in forcing their culture on us, and expecting us to lap it up, and pay for it! Then refusing to let us [the English] have ours, with constant complaints “well I’m not English so I think it’s racist” only later to expect us to celebrate their culture, and pay for it!

  • teenyuck

    E-man, hillary_step,

    You both make excellent points. It is politically incorrect to speak about it in the US...we are the land of opportunity and all.

    One of the problems where I live is people from Somolia. Columbus, Ohio has the second largest population of Somolian (sp?) immigrants-behind Minneapolis, Minnesota!

    The problem here is layered; they do not speak English and do not try. They came as "refugees" so their status in Somolia was not checked. Many, until recently, worked for Argenbright Securtiy...the firm that let the hijackers on the planes Sept. 11. Somehow these people became security screeners at a large airport!!! The fact that they can barely speak English seemed to be not important.

    Argenbright operated here in Columbus at the airport. Problem was many of the employees were criminals and worse back in Somolia. This was found out when background checks were done...after Sept 11. Most were fired.

    They have taken over one large part (northern) of Columbus. If you go to a store in the area, you are bound to get mugged. The criminals became so bold they were mugging people in front of a police station, which was located on the edge of a mall. The mall recently lost all the anchor stores because of the crime.

    I agree that any one entering a new country to live should learn the language and the culture. You do not have to give up your culture, but you should learn the language and at least understand what the country is about. It creates obvious problems when someone cannot speak the native tongue.

    Would we (Americans) get the same brakes? NO. Other nations expect you to learn the language or suffer the consequences.

  • LDH

    Racist? No. Nationalistic? A bit.

    I confess, I have many of those same feelings.

    HOWEVER, there are some points in other posts that may be of concern. I'll call them to your attention and you can answer if you want.

    Some of the cultures highlighted as "leeching off the system" are:

    the Muslim Bangladeshis,
    and West Indians
    Is it just me, or does it seem to others that the only cultures mentioned are the darker complexions? Perhaps if you live in England, you can't tell that the RUSSIAN guy is also a welfare slacker--just because you have the same color skin. So, then he escapes criticism and evil looks all day merely because he was lucky enough to be born with white skin?!?!?

    What about the:


    It seems to me some are passing a heavy judgement only on certain cultures.

    This link, , shows the refugee assistance breakdown by ethnic group.

    You will note, that it has steadily declined for the past ten years. So, while the overall population of these groups has GROWN, the portion served by Public Assistance has declined.

    Now, my attitude on Public Assistance here in the US is pretty simple. *I find no reason for AMERICAN born and raised citizens to use PA unless it's on an emergency basis.*

    Here we are slamming people who are trying to escape oppression, and we've got lazy asses right in our own back yard. If you think IMMIGRANTS don't deserve help while transitioning into our society, why do you think AMERICANS deserve any help?

    After all, they've been born and raised here *AND* speak the language.


  • LDH

    PS. This LePen character strikes me as a bit of a jackass. Was he elected to some type of office or is he the self-appointed Messiah?

    Of course, my personal opinion is that you don't have the right to bitch about the government you live under if you're not personally involved. Nemesis?!?!?!

  • Nemesis

    Hello LDH,

    You said:

    Is it just me, or does it seem to others that the only cultures mentioned are the darker complexions? Perhaps if you live in England, you can't tell that the RUSSIAN guy is also a welfare slacker--just because you have the same color skin. So, then he escapes criticism and evil looks all day merely because he was lucky enough to be born with white skin?!?!?
    What about the:
    It’s not based on skin colour, as I clearly mentioned Albanians and asylum seekers—the majority of whom are white skinned. Yes we get Africans, North Asians, but many who are Albanian, Romanian, Croatian, Russian, etc. and they also defraud the system. Romanians gangs of pickpocket children are well known in certain parts of inner London.

    It’s not about skin colour; it’s about culture, and attitude. For example we have many ‘on the lose’ Jamaican Yardy serial killers who are (according to Jamaican, UK, and US intelligence) in London. Yardies also being the main cause of gun crime to the capital. It’s not because they have dark skin, it's because they have a terrible cultural attitude to life shown by them having one of the highest murder rates in the world, and when they come here they bring all that with them, just like everyone takes their background with them. Unfortunately their culture is very unlikely to be any different just because they then arrive here in the UK.

    “Of course, my personal opinion is that you don't have the right to bitch about the government you live under if you're not personally involved. Nemesis?!?!?!”

    Not sure what you mean by that? This is my country, I pay tax, and I have a say where my tax goes. My country’s culture, and heritage is the most important as this is England. Others who choose to live here should appreciate what a generous country they live in and have some respect for our culture and heritage, instead of force feeding us their culture (including the criminal element, and £4,000,000 carnivals), and then showing no interest in ours, and still expecting us to foot the bill!

    PS. This is not the U.S.A. or France.

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