Does This Make Me A Racist?

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  • Englishman

    Today’s newspapers are full of the Le Pen story. Much concern is being voiced that right-wing organisations will ride on this story to make their own agendas more widely known, ie, send all the immigrants back home, Britain for the British, sod off everyone else!

    Now I personally love different cultures. I very much enjoy exchanging dialogue with people from other countries. I enjoy sharing their food and customs whilst I am abroad.

    But that’s the whole point. I like their customs and culture when I am abroad. In other words, I take part in their customs whilst in their country, a sort of “When in Rome” policy if you like.

    So I do sometimes wonder why people from another country choose to emigrate to Britain if they do not intend to adopt the host’s country’s culture and language. It would seem to be a one way street, where some immigrants love the UK welfare state but put nothing much back into their adopted country in the way of making a useful contribution to British society.

    Does all this mean that I am a racist?


  • ignored_one

    No I wouldn't say you were.

    Although it would be nice to think there was more help for those who want to contribute to this country.

    What about all the doctors/nurses etc that seek asylum? Wouldn't they be better put to good use than just stuck on sink estates doing nothing?

    Just my er, 0.01p ;)

    Ignored One.

  • AjaxMan


    I don't think you are a racist. I think you're right in that view that if foreigners come to live in your country, they should contribute something to your country.

    I live in America and my parents are immigrants, yet they do learned the language and culture here in America as well as respect the laws and they told me if you want to live in a certain country, learn its language, customs and culture.

  • Francois

    Yes, it makes you a racist if YOU think it makes you a racist. If you don't, you're not.

    Howz that?


  • ozziepost

    G'day Eman,

    This type of question causes one to enter 'sticky ground' if said in the land of Oz. The governments are desperate here to keep the lid on any dissent in what they like to portray as a harmonious multi-racial society.

    The reality is much different as Oz is NOT a multi-racial society but a multi-national one. Each ethnic group gathers together and spends their lives only mixing, working and playing with their own race/nationality. Bit like the Dubs really!

    So your point of view, if expressed in Oz, would be considered risque, not politically correct. The silly thing is that privately most would agree with you.

    To digress, it reminds me of the political correctness in the Borg which prevents elders from saying publicly i.e. in talks, what they say privately about certain WTS teachings.


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • Nemesis

    That’s the problem Englishman, we are supposed to accept their culture, morals, ethics, but many (not all) communities don’t accept ours. If you try and get them to be more ‘British’ because they are in Britain as a guest, like learn English for starters and obey the law of the land, since we are paying billions each year to keep them in homes, food, benefits, free medical care, etc. you get called racist by some left wing ignoramuses. They are allowed to separate from the community and form their own isolated communities and reject all things British, spend 30 years here on benefits [welfare] and still not be able to speak English, and we are supposed to say, “oh well that’s fine”, and keep paying out billions of pounds per annum for them to live free lifestyles. But when they try and make you accept their culture, even making it taught in schools, forcing it on TV, and you say “I’m not interested”, you still get called racist, or xenophobic! They can trash all things British, and take our money and homes, and we are just supposed to say: “What wonderful ethnics diversity, welcome, take some more.”

    Many communities like the Muslim Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Africans, and West Indians, don’t pay anywhere enough tax to pay for even their own people who claim benefits. They cost the native taxpayers billions every year to give them council houses (housing build by the government from native taxpayers money for those less well off), benefits [welfare], free medical care, free schooling, child benefits, free dental treatment, free prescriptions, free council tax benefit, (council tax is like rates for local services, police, ambulance, street cleaning etc.), free language classes, free college courses—is it any wonder they travel half-way around the world so they cam get all this stuff? Britain and England must be the most generous place to live on earth. I don’t know any country that gives so much and receives bills for billions of pounds in return from many communities ever since they came to England, or Britain 1, 5, 10, or 20-30 years ago, and still Britain is brainwashed by left wing fanatics/propagandists to feel like we have to give more while we have thousands of our own native homeless sleeping rough who get little to nothing, as they are not an immigrants or fake asylum seekers.

    The old proverb is coming true; they are ‘biting the hand that feeds them’. I was talking to a Yugoslavian friend about this not long ago, and she said the same happened with the Albanians in her country, they gave them rights they had not earned, helped them, looked after them, and then the Albanians turned on them an try to control everything, then it was too late. You cannot take back the rights you foolishly gave without bloodshed. That is the price of being too generous to those who neither appreciate nor understand how damned lucky they are. A bit like throwing your pearls before swine, your reward is ingratitude and then violence against you, as it’s happening all the time here in Britain, as certain (not all) non-native ethnic groups cause the most crime, hatred, and violence in our society, and we only have ourselves to blame for being so generous and letting them live here and get it all for free.

    The worst irony is that one of the hardest working immigrant groups are the Australians, and they are not entitled to any help whatsoever, or permanent residency! If they lose their jobs, they starve, if they lose their private homes, they are left to sleep in the street, and are not allowed any benefits [welfare], they are also not even allowed to go on the housing register to try and wait for a council house! They are one of the hardest working groups and get zero help, and yet the worse most parasitic groups like Muslim Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, West-Indians, Africans, and bogus asylum seekers get it all, and don’t have to lift a finger either!

  • Prisca


    I agree with your views. If someone immigrates to a country, they should be prepared to accept the culture of that country, learn the language of that country, and integrate with the people and culture of that country.

    I know it sounds simplistic, and I know there are many variables in any given situation, but if more people who came to Australia, for instance, did that, there wouldn't be the same ethnic violence and lack of trust between the many nationals that live here.

    I am not completely Anglo-Saxon. I had great-grandparents who came to this country. They had to learn the language and the culture in order to survive. One great-grandfather "anglicised" his name in order to fit in with everyone else. He married a lass that was born on the goldfields. And Australia in the 1850s was not as "civilised" as it is today.

    So, I expect anyone that comes to my country to be prepared to learn and accept the culture of my country. Just as much as I was prepared to learn another culture and language when I was considering moving to another country.

    It works both ways.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think you need to send a big fat check to Jesse Jackson.

    Make it out to "cash."

    You'll find the degree of relief you experience directly proportional to the size of the check.

    How much do you want forgiveness?

  • Joseph Joachim
    Joseph Joachim

    why people from another country choose to emigrate to Britain if they do not intend to adopt the host’s country’s culture and language.

    Eman, you have no idea what you're talking about. You seem to believe that learning a new language and adopting a new culture is as easy as changing one's hairstyle.

    The answer to your question is simple: they seek to emigrate to the First World because they starve in their own countries. All they want is a job, they don't go to England because they like your culture. As long as they are decent people and do their job, who cares if they do or do not speak English and drink tea?

  • Englishman


    Eman, you have no idea what you're talking about. You seem to believe that learning a new language and adopting a new culture is as easy as changing one's hairstyle.
    You are mistaken, I didn't say that it was easy. It is however, absolutely essential for any immigrant to any country to become aware of that country's culture, and most definitely to be able to speak the language.

    As for drinking tea, are you being patronising?


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