Which site can I find a JW brother that matches me so I can marry only in the Lord?

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  • flipper
    Well if you check out JW.org you can probably find some real studly guys who would do wonders for your " personal study " habits. Guys that are real expressive and kind like Mr. Rogers or guys that will certainly dominate you and keep you in submission as a " weaker vessel ". I mean if you're into that kinky kind of stuff
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Just reading the title of this thread, I swore this was another incarnation of AuntConnie.

  • millie210
    Play gently people - we were there once.

    I try my best to remember that each time I post here freddo. Thank you for the reminder. A class A post indeed!

  • rebel8

    One thing is certain--we should stick to the Society's own words when we want to know what they really teach/believe.

    I hope you live through Armageddon, since marriage is important to you. Otherwise, you will be resurrected and permanently single.

    Awake! 1999 10/8 p.11 Crossword Puzzle

    8. Jesus said that resurrected ones will not do this (Luke 20:35)
    There is no reason now to overemphasize this matter.
  • Quarterback
    OK I wasn't going to reveal this new surprise coming soon on JW Broadcasting. It's a new WT version of the Batchelor School for single pioneers. It starts with your arrival in a bus, and you must be dressed as if you are going to a meeting, there you will meet a single brother. You will take turns meeting this brother in a supervised, chaperoned, group setting. You dates will consist of working on KH's, FS, cleaning some of the Branch facilities. But at the ens of the day, you can be asked to go home if you do not receive a rose from the school overseer, not the single brother. This Chariot is amazing
  • steve2

    The poor darling! If she cannot find the right internet forum to find the right brother "to marry only in the Lord", I would imagine she will still looking by the end of the 1,000 year reign. I wonder if her priorites will be the same then? Fast forward 1,000 years. On the other hand, take your time to get it right, honey and widen that there marriage web.

  • yodastar
    asia- is this a real post? Just checking and yep I liked the play nice post freddo but seriously asia, please I beg you wake up and take your own freedom, there are some very nice men who are 'worldly' and would not try to control your every living thought and action. good luck
  • disfellowshipped1
  • smiddy

    Surely somebody is trying to take the mickey out of us , just saying ?


  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM
    opening post then nothing - either a p*** take or quickly realised she was in the wrong place and ran away. If she is genuine - and this is not an uncommon phenomenon - she is heading for lifetime virginity status unless she gets to 32 or 33 and starts to look this reality in the face and realises she has been led down the garden path and wakes up to the fact that the talent pool outside 'the Lord' has a lot more to offer.

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