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  • Englishman

    Okley dokey!

    I would never, ever give out info on anyone, ever.

    BUT! I know that lies don't like the light, so I am quite happy for all to see my email, to know my home town and my real name, see my pic etc. That, for me, is freedom. The ones who give their real names are the one's that the WTBTS fear most, they are the one's who can stick out their chins and say: "Go on, give it your best shot."

    If you've been out for several years, what's the point of hiding? Unless, of course, your a uni professor who hates the thought of his students getting to know too much!

    You can lie low for too long, IMO, go for it and sod 'em all!


  • thewiz

    I've resisted long enough but this thread takes the cake. I realize the potential risk I am making here. I suppose you've collected all the data you want about me as well as some here consider me a troll.

    So does that include?

    Where a threat is clearly made to report someone to their employer, possibly leading to that persons dismissal.

    sounds like the ultimate in power tripping and bullying to me.

    Practice what you preach.

    Is that what you do Simon? Collect personal info about a person and then use it for blackmail?

    research all your log files to narrow down the scope do you? That shows willful malicous intent.

    I didn't notice anything in your policy that says the owner of this site has the right to turn you into your employer.

    In fact your policy states under Security

    InteSoft IT Ltd Forums' site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and...

    Sounds like you can't even follow your own policy let alone ethics.

  • butalbee

    I totally agreee about posting personal info, as in phone numbers, addresses, etc...theirs a lot of really crazied cyber monkey's on the web and one must always exercise caution............Oh, BTW--you can call me anytime at 1-888-badgirl.

    nah ... surely I'm unique ...
    Simon, you are definitely one of a kind.....(wink, wink).
  • 144thousand_and_one


    Simon isn't a bully, he's a guy who performs a valuable service for many but has to take precautions to protect himself as well as others.

    There is nothing unreasonable about prohibiting others from engaging in conduct which is likely to be detrimental to others and is also very likely to result in litigation or worse.

    "Practice what you preach" The cited thread does not demonstrate any hypocrisy on Simon's part. Simon started this thread by announcing a prohibition against disclosure of other's personal information. In the thread you cited, he didn't disclose anyone's personal information. Threatening to disclose personal information is not equivalent to actually disclosing it, and, accordingly, your advice to Simon to "practice what you preach" is inapposite to the issue that is the subject of this thread.

    If you have an axe to grind with Simon, why don't you just email him privately instead of whining like an old hag. Excuse my French, Simon, but we have a phrase for this in the States: "Boo fucking who!"

  • Naeblis

    To be fair, thewiz raises a valid point. If privacy is to be protected here it is to be protected for everyone, even people we may not like. While I was glad to see Yoyoma go, I thought Simon's threat to report him to his boss was inappropriate. And now, to uphold my reputation, I will take off my pants.

  • larc

    To Naeblis and the Wiz,

    When someone comes here under false pretenses to ask for money as mavman did on two occasions, under two different names, then he should be called on it. Unless, it can be proven otherwise by a Federal investigation, then it is a possible consideration that mavman is a crook, a thief, and someone who is dangerous and should not be here.

    So, you two, take up your banner, and fight for the right of freedom, BLAH.

  • Naeblis

    I didn't say I approved of his actions. If Simon is so concerned with his illegal activities, he should report him to the authorities. Did he? No. Did you? Threatening to tell on him to his boss does nothing to assuage your fears and I think just encourages him to be more subtle. He will be back.

  • larc


    He would be a fool to come back because he is being checked out as we speak.

  • dungbeetle

    Can I clarify something here? Simon said:


    He didn't say we couldn't post it somewhere else, or exchange it in email. The posting of personal info on the board is totally different then reporting someone to their boss...THAT IS OFF THE BOARD.

    Got that now..ON the board...OFF the board...

  • Naeblis

    Ok dung. Would it be ok for me to look up your information and email it to everyone? Since it's off the board? (just an example. dont assasinate me)

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