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  • Simon

    A reminder:
    I would always recommend that people think twice before revealing personal information unless they are happy and confident about it becoming public knowledge.

    A Warning:
    If anyone tries to reveal personal information about someone else then the post will be deleted & the account will be locked. I do not care who it is or why - we have had people doing this in the past and I cannot think of any justification for it other than bullying or some kind of power trip.


  • BeautifulGarbage

    Wholeheartily agreed, Simon!


  • 144thousand_and_one

    Thanks Simon!

    I totally agree with your approach to this issue. There should be zero tolerance of those who post other's personal information as there is a real possibility and even a probability of adverse consequences to the person who has been exposed in this manner.

    Additionally, those who publicly disclose the personal data of others might also consider the fact that such conduct could expose them to legal consequences, including, without limitation, civil liability for invasion of privacy.

  • plmkrzy

    Thanks again simon. I guess the world wouldn't come to an end but it would defenately make surfing the net no fun anymore. It would also feel pretty rotten.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    simon you should prolly edit the 7th post in this thread

    personal info of people who arent even posters here shouldnt be revealed either

    let me dream inside you

  • dungbeetle

    ((( Angharad and Mr. Angharad )))

  • Simon

    thanks BM

    Mr Angharad ?? (that sounds scary!)

  • larc

    Hey Simon,

    So, I can't post personal information?? Well, I am going to. Simon lives at 1743 Maplegrove Avenue, Stow, Ohio, and the zip code is 666666. His phone number is area code 666, 123-I812 (I ate one too).

    So what are yu goin ta do bout it????

    I'm justa flamin kinda guy!

  • ballistic

    I would just like to add, with out wishing to scare anybody, that as I have done in the past to show people what CAN be done, you can generally find people with just a town or city and surname on the internet. I would always withhold one of these pieces of information or the other if not both if you are of a cautious nature. Of course, some people don't give a toss, but that is up to them. Others here have good reasons why they do not wish to be identified.

  • Simon

    totally inaccurate personal information is ok ... or is there another Simon on the planet? (nah ... surely I'm unique ... )

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