Where did you meet the love of your life?

by Beck_Melbourne 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • Angharad

    I met Simon at Main Road (Manchester City) football ground, District convention . I was hobbling to the car park (I'd sprained by ankle), carrying a heavy suitcase and he offered to carry it for me - sweet wasnt he??

  • Englishman

    In a casino.

    I'd split up with my first wife, but for some strange reason we decided to go out together for the evening. I ordered coffee and it was served to us by a stunning lady with a radiant smile and nice manner too.

    I said to my ex "Now that's the sort of girl that I like" and she laughed loudly, "She wouldn't look at you twice!"

    She's now been looking at me for 28 years, bless her cotton socks.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    The "good" things that have come out of the borg:

    My first meeting at the JW hall. I saw him across the room...
    At a party of all witness kids. He was a pioneer, and I was hooked.
    I was hobbling to the car park (I'd sprained by ankle), carrying a heavy suitcase and he offered to carry it for me
    At a convention in Alice Springs ..... there was this chick sitting on the hood of a car drinking Strongbows and generally acting crassly, I was hooked.


  • MarchOn

    I met the love of my life when my ex invited him over to buy dope from him!

  • ashitaka

    I met the wifey at an assembly hall cleaning of all things...the funny thing is, I didn't even look at her. I didn't think she was attractive at the time, but by God, she's a catch.



  • hippikon

    Slave Market

  • zev

    well now....

    its hard to remember that far back.

    we grew up in the same city together, Gwen and I, as kids.
    we went to the same k.h. together, both of our families.

    so its hard to remember "exactly where".

    however, 4 years ago, one email arrived on march 25 1998 from her to me.
    that was first contact after over 20 years.

    we didn't meet in person until november of 2001.

    the rest has been a dream come true from there.

    life, has NEVER been better!

    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America
    U.A.D.N.A.--Rhode Island

  • Francois

    She came to my office for a blind job interview.

    And we actually got started on a relationship, were all but living together, and I blew it, muffed it, screwed it up, killed it, OH the horror.

    I can barely even think about her to this very day. And it's been 25 years.

    Perhaps if there is a heaven...


  • Lesley

    At school!

    Actually Steven was still at school, in the 6th Form. He was a friend of my sister's and I met him at a 6th Form disco. He was 16 and I was 18, that was over 17 years ago. His parents didn't think it would last!

  • Dutchie

    I met the love of my life at an Internation Convention in Frankfurt, Germany. Sadly, he passed away last year. He was a young, vibrant man, who unfortunately contracted a deadly disease. I miss him very much.

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