Passing water at assemblies.............

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  • VeniceIT

    HAHAHA this is too funny!!!

    I hated those signs I though ohh hell I'll throw in an extra buck at teh contribution box and took 2 towels, what a rebel.

    The lines are long because it's better then having to sit through the sessions. I always went during becuase the lines where shorter if only somewhat. I wasn't gonna waste my lunch time in line .

    And yes we chat and talk the entire time we're in there

    What's a code of silence [:|] hahhahaahha


  • seven006

    Heading off to the bathroom at assemblies was the only time I didn't have to stand in line. I had six sisters growing up with one bathroom in our house. My brother and I use to go outside as often as we could. My mom never could understand why her roses never grew.


  • LB
    In gents toilets there is a STICT code of silence

    damn right you don't talk to each other. That would be almost as bad as someone leaning over your shoulder while you're trying to piss

    My mom never could understand why her roses never grew.

    I'm with you there. Pissing out of doors is one of life's great pleasures. I can't understand why my dog doesn't understand that.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Francois

    This has always been a mystery to me. And of course, it's not just the JWs. You see the same kinda thing at rock concerts, high schools, whatever.

    It's one of the great mysteries of life.


  • waiting


    1. Women go in groups so they can talk.....and we do.

    2. Women go more often.

    3. Preggos go seemingly constantly.

    4. Mothers accompany children - and kids never have to go at the same time. 3 kids & herself - 4 times more pee breaks.

    5. If we don't fix our lipstick, some male idiot will say in front of other people " got lipstick on your teeth."

    6. Mothers fix their hair because kids have messed with it for hours and we know it. Same goes for the makeup bit. Mothers would change their clothes if they could after having kids sit on their laps for about 6 hours.

    7. After kids get older, it's terribly hard to sit through an entire meeting, let alone assembly - it's soooooo boring.

    8. Eventually, women learn to go to the bathroom by themselves - but by then, we really don't care - and want somebody to talk to on the way there. Thus, we keep the habit of "bathroom companions."

    Btw, none of this holds true for young women.....they just want to "shop," talk & possibly squat.


  • LDH

    And God forbid if you've got , er, feminine things to take care of.

    And of course, with kids you DO need to TP the seat, and have a conversation with said child while they wait for that ~~funny feeling~~.

    Speaking from personal experience--those things smelled so damn foul the only time I'd go is if I ABSOLUTELY couldn't hold it any more. Wasn't uncommon to hold it all day by not drinking anything.

    Hell, warm Shasta anyway. Not like I was missing out.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    I'm with Lisa....don't drink...hold on...go home...relief!

    If I HAD to go at assemblies...I would always tell myself 'its only smells like tea' <<<Simon can we introduce a smiley face where one pinches their nose?


  • Scully

    Didn't you guys learn anything from all those summer assemblies??? like that the absolutely bar-none best time to use the "facilities" was during a drama or special talk???

    No queues at all.

    Love, Scully

  • noidea

    ROFLMAO @ this thread..What Fluff

    Hmmm..where is Farkel??

  • sweetone2377

    Our Assembly Hall, completed in 1997 I believe, had more toilet facilities for men than for women. At the DCs we used a "worldly" facility. I also ignored the advice that was spewing from the podium during every talk about not walking around during the actual assembly. I took my chance and went and peed during nearly every talk. That way, come lunch time, I could do whatever I wanted instead of spending the whole time in line.

    Former victim and recovering wonderfully from a broken spirit
    Smile, because we all have been freed from slavery!!

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