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  • joe134cd

    Hi I've been reading a web sight called Borean Pickets.

    Although the guy writes some real thought provoking stuff, I sort of don't know what to make of it. Is the guy Pro JW or an apostate.

    He really writes some well balanced articles, and most of his articles are from a scriptural perspective. It wasn't until I read the article above on the asking for money that I thought he may be more apostate than pro JW.

    So anyone know any history on the web sight.

  • smiddy

    I may be wrong but it seems more like a breakaway group questioning the governing Body`s direction over the flock., while still claiming to be the religion of Jehovah Witnesses .


  • Slave4_38y
    It seems that the "overlapping generations" issue caused this group's existence. I've never heard of them before but all I have to say is: "Keep up the good work."
  • Phizzy

    I have read on there for some time, and seen the "evolution" of the Site as the thoughts of the contributors have changed somewhat.

    It was started by one of the few literate and intelligent JW's who could see things wrong with WT Doctrine when compared with Scripture, but I think at first he still believed it to be God's Org, if misguided. I am not sure where he stands now.

    Two other regular contributors, "Apollos" and another whose screen name escapes me, are worth reading too.

    I think it is an excellent resource for active JW's, who will not feel at all threatened by outspoken Apostates like us ! It is a gentle introduction for them to the world of free thought, and maybe will help them on a Spiritual Journey that will end in true Freedom.

    I second the above, keep up the good work "Meleti".

  • CloseTheDoor
    I have enjoyed the site immensely since it started, as I agree with much of what the author and many of the commenters have stated.
  • leaving_quietly

    I would say neutral... the goal is to have an open discussion about various bible topics, to see what others have found on such topics, regardless of what WT says. The rules are pretty clear when signing up, including no flaming, no vitriol, no attacking other forum members. Just open discussion / debate. It's neither pro or against WT, though I would say many there are against, but largely from a doctrinal viewpoint. They leave stuff like child abuse issues to other forums as those sorts of things bring up strong emotions.

    I have found the site to be useful. Many times, something is stated in a WT article, and that becomes a topic for open discussion.

  • QC

    Borean Pickets are spiritually inclined folks (out of the reach of elders by using hidden identity) speaking out about the nonsense of JW leadership.

    They represent the JW undercurrent that spells doom for WT empire.

  • joe134cd
    QC and it's this group of people that is causing Wt the most problems, and the group they also have to be most concerned about.
  • Lightgrowsbrighter
    BP is a great forum and has been very encouraging to me. I agree with leaving_quietly- their goal is an open, respectful, Bible based discussion forum for those of us attempting to address the cognitive dissonance required to be a thinking JW. One especially interesting thought they've shared is that those of us who are sincere JW Bible students and find ourselves disagreeing with the WT leadership are suffering a form of persecution, and have to meet 'underground'. How ironic is that??
  • tornapart

    I'm a regular reader of the site and it has helped me enormously. I still have to attend for family's sake and their articles have helped me to be able to refute a lot of what family members say without coming across to them as 'apostate'. It's a great site for JWs still in but who are just awakening and who are beginning to question things.

    It's great for those of us who are still 'in' but who disagree with a lot of the doctrines and policies but who still have a love of God and the bible.

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