Whiskey with Cigars

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  • confusedandalone

    I know a few folks here are huge cigar fans, I am asking if anyone can tell me a good whiskey to go with cigars.

    I am sure this is kind of a broad question but I ma having some folks over for poker this weekend and I am trying to set things up real nice like... LOL

    I have the cigars ready - but I don't want to break out the cheap Crown Royal... any suggestions

  • cantleave

    Whisky - Cragganmore Distillery edition

  • problemaddict

    Well I am a massive fan of Maccallen (sp?). The 12 year runs 50.00 and is very good. The 18 runs about 140-150 and is phenominal. It is a scotch, and does not have the burnt whisky flavor that some do. I like the wood but sometimes with a cigar that can be too much.

    If your pocketbook will allow it, go grab a Maccellan 18 year, and thank me later. It is actually a deal for the price, considering it usually tests as well as any scotch 8 times that amount.

    If that seems like too much, the 12 is perfectly acceptable. Keep it neat.

  • confusedandalone

    Thanks for these ideas guys. I have some Deanston 12 that I haven't opened yet.

    I have had it awhile but I have no experience with it so I have not touched it yet. I live close to an ABC and they carry nearly everything there - they also let you taste. So I am going to take these names in with me and see which is best.

  • Glander

    Don't overlook a nice rich cognac or brandy and maybe a few pieces of dark chocolate available.

    When I traveled in Canada I always brought back some Cuban cigars. I enjoyed them with brandy rather than Scotch (whiskey).

  • confusedandalone

    Glander you are making it more difficult LOL. For some reason mentally I always lump brandy and Scotch together when I know full well they are different

  • Glander

    There is something I enjoy about a good cigar and swirling a dark brandy in a snifter/ baloon glass. I always inhale a nice sniff of brandy before sipping.

    Good cigars should not be smoked casually like a cigarette, constantly burning in an ashtray.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I've tried Johnny Black with cigars... it's ok... I know people who love it...

    But I enjoy Hennessy Cognac with Padron 64 cigars or Arturo Fuentes...

  • confusedandalone

    I think I would like to get together with some of you gents for a night of poker and cigars

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    I started smoking when I was fourteen. Quit at 16. Got disfellowshipped not much later. But not for smoking. I quit when when I was older. Then with the birth of my first child some ass__le gave me a cuban, I couldn't resist. Fine Cigar, that at the time were legal here in Canada probably still are. But if one thing the witnesses get right is tobacco is evil, just ask any Doctor. I can remember dreaming about smoking when I quit and awakening in a cold sweat. Craving the nicotene plus whatever else they put in them. I can't believe I'm defending the Tower. Over 20 years smoke free.

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