A question for elders and former elders who have served on JCs

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  • confusedandalone

    Depression and any other excuse is going to be a shot in the dark. I have been on 1 committee where the person was bi-polar and no one cared.

    What I have noticed in all the committees I was on in which someone avoided DE'ing they ALWAYS spoke about how hurt they are that Jehovah and his name were scarred by their actions. If something to that effect is not mentioned then it is assumed that the person only cares for themselves.

    I would get out my shepherding book and show you that it basically states if a person shows true repentance then spare them. Point. Blank. Period.

    Show as many "sincere" forms of repentence as possible. But as Istated before a very powerful line that I noticed stuck with me was where it speaks about how "true repentence many not be displayed up until their actions are put before them in the committee".

    You can try legal action... it maaaay work. It may not.

    You can try denying everything... that maaay work but if there is any proof at all you are screwed.

    However if you demonstrate repentence and they still df you - which is against there own rules, and you appear before an appeal committee then you have a better chance..

    Just my Opinion

    P.S. - Also keep in mind threatening legal issues although if it saves you from a DF will still have you in a situation just as bad if not worse then if you were df'ed

    Acting like you are depressed etc... will also cause you issues as well because it will get around that you have issues. Which maaay not be so bad so this is a viable option but I would not use it alone.

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  • Dagney

    Interesting discussion.

    Question, what is the announcement now? Is it "xxx is no longer a JW?" Do they say "disfellowshiped" from the platform still?


  • BluePill2

    You are all correct, that depression alone is NOT enough to get you off the hook. You have to combine it with other stuff (Marvin Shilmer and confusedandalone: great show!!! ) It just complicates things for them, you have to say that you've been reading about David when he walked the shadows of darkness, or some similar crap.

    What I wanted to say is that you can "mix" depression into the explanations (especially if you have "gaps" > things you cannot explain). It is difficult to make a correct assessment without knowing more details.

    In my experience depression worked out better than legal threats (elders and the Society will interpret this as an act of rebellion and that the person trusts "worldly" courts more than "spiritual" courts). Believe me the Service Department will interpret legal threats as > keep him in until dust settles, THEN: kick out as soon as possible, maybe for another "sin".

  • slimboyfat

    Recently Watchtower initiated a policy for elders to stop—or at least pause—judicial committee proceedings if the accused is suicidal. Suicidal tendency is often associated with clinical depression.

    Has that been stated in a letter from the society?
  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Sincere repentance.

    Once you've got faking that down, you're probably golden.


  • Phizzy

    The suicidal depression card is the best to use, as you can then say "Please do not contact me until I tell you I am better..........". And hopefully they leave you alone forever more.

    I am sure this is in writing from the W.T, possibly a letter to the BOE, but I seem to recall that it is in the "Flock" book. Of course, this instruction is motivated by a desire to avoid litigation, not out of love for the person.

    Be careful that family members or others close to you cannot call B.S on your depression claim, you must go to the Doctor at least, and start attending some Therapy if prescribed, to ensure your claim looks genuine.

  • Sapphy

    slimboy - the new elder book, chapter 6 paragraph 16 states in part: "In judicial cases where the accused threatens suicide, it may be best for the committee to suspend the hearing to focus on helping him regain his balance. They should assure him of the committee's desire to help him, then broach the subject of depression and suicide using the scriptures and bible based publications. Depending on his emotional state it may be best to do this a day or two later...The judicial comittee should avoid prolongong the case..."

    So it doesn't get you much of a reprive, unless you constantly threaten suicide and are willing to meet with them about your depression.

  • punkofnice

    I notice several entries in this discussion suggesting more information of the type of “sin” is essential in order to answer a strategic question. I can’t say I agree.

    A particular behavior is either an offense for which a JW can be expelled for, or it isn’t.

    Ooooh, sorry. I see where you're coming from but I cannot fully be in agreement as there are too many wild cards involved. Having been on JC's as an elder I can honestly say that's far too simplistic an approach.

    Expulsion or not are not the only 2 options though.

    Private reproof or public reproof are alternatives and this depends on how you pitch your plea.

    It also depends on whether there is a repeat 'wrongdoing(TM)' or not.

    It might go like this as an unwritten guideline:

    1st JC = Private reproof.

    2nd JC = Public reproof or DF.

    More than 2 = DF.

    So. Which JC are we talking about?

    What is the 'wrongdoing(TM)'?

    Is the accused an elder's son or daughter?

    JC procedures aren't set in stone.

  • BluePill2

    punkofnice: You are correct that there are many wildcars in a JC. I've been to JC where the elders had decided to DF the person even before he entered the KH. Because they disliked the individual for a long time and this was the "golden opportunity" to get rid of a "troublemaker".

    I was part of one JC where one elder had all night long fingered his fiances p***y (he slept at her parents house, kept cloting on) and was not even reproofed, they wanted to keep him in the body of elders! It was like a 3:1 voting and strong discussions. This was one of the younger "star elders" and also the work mule of the body, so he had to stay no matter what.

    Another JC that I remember. The girl was pretty, incredible popular and a regular pioneer. Had multiple times sex with different people - got only a "slap on the wrist" > private reproof. She could flirt with anybody. Very sweet.

    Heck, even one apostate stayed in, eventhough his activities where beyond "talking badly" about the Borg. He was popular as well.

    So: it really depends on the people sitting on these kangaroo courts and the agenda that they are following.

    You are giving them way too much credit if you think that they follow the manual to the t and also read the Bible & pray. You have to know the men on the bench, THAT will dictate your strategy.

    Good luck to you.

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