The more time I spend with "worldly people" the more I realize...

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  • confusedandalone

    Thanks for the words all.

    Nothing feels as good as being ablke to make decisions and observations without being masked by some weird believe that everyone is trying to kill you! The term "worldly people" was in quotes because i find it crazy to actually think it means anything... definitely not trying to offend anyone... after all I guess I am world at this mpoint... or far worse LOL

    Cigars have become my new love LOL

  • clarity

    Hi Confused ..... looks like you aren't so confused anymore!

    To be accepted & liked is a great experience, it must have warmed your

    heart & soul.

    I agree people who are not jw's are wonderful! We missed so much by

    believing those lies.

    The freedom to talk honestly with no ulterior motive is amazing!

    People are attracted to someone who is real, it's a lot easier to make

    friends without all that bagage!

    All the best...


  • confusedandalone

    The freedom to talk honestly with no ulterior motive is amazing! ------ AMAZING QUOTE

  • Hortensia

    I love that story! Have a good time, big fella!

  • adamah

    Nice experience, confused and alone. It's nice, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, yeah, I wouldn't sweat using the 'Worldly' moniker too much: a truly 'Worldly' person isn't likely to stop and ask, "Compared to WHAT?!? "Spiritual"? Hey, wait a minute: you're not some kind of a religious wing-nut who comes knocking on my door on Saturday mornings, are you?"

    Rather, it's likely to be taken as a compliment, since it's saying you think they're sophisticated, possess superior social skills, are well-traveled, suave, debonair, a real people-person, etc.

    (For some reason, I think of James Bond? Or the Dos Equis Guy?)

    (On second thought, there's probably NOTHING that says a person is NOT Worldly than associating the main character of a National TV ad campaign with the word, "Worldly"! Sigh.....)

    Anyway, the JWs (and those completely obsessed with invisible spirit beings) may THINK that calling someone 'Worldly' is insulting, but it's pretty weak-sauce (as is using the phrase, 'weak-sauce', so stay away from THAT one, too). Even the most socially-aware Worldly person won't understand that you're actually attempting to deliver an insult to them: it's like calling someone a "poopie-brain"; the person thinks, "Huh? Where'd THAT come from?"

    So if anything, using it is only likely to elicit a blank stare, since it's such an archaic term that only indicates the speaker's been isolated from the World, as if they're an adult bubble boy who's recently emerged from a coccoon). So on second thought, if for no other reason than that one, maybe it's better NOT to use the "W" word.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And "worldly people" don't judge me on everything I say and do and wear.

  • Berengaria

    Awesome. This is one of the main things I think JW's took from us. A distrust of other humans. I have a cousin who was late leaving, and she was so stoked when she sat and had an ice cream cone with her family and talked to a "wordly" person.

    Now don't you smoke too many ceegars mister!! It IS tobacco, and not good for ya!

  • 5go

    If you ask me the worldly people go to kingdom halls, everyone else is a brother.

  • rmt1

    I'd respect anyone's autonomic, visceral reaction to this word, since it is *used* in a tenor and demeanor that is analogous to usages of the n-word.

    The first definition offered by is:

    "of, relating to, or devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion or spiritual affairs".

    I don't take offence at it as proffered by an objective observer, because I certainly don't do church, organized religion, or have easily recognized spritual customs. But I would raise an eyebrow quite painfully if a JW called me that, being as their religion doesn't share as many aspects of a commonly-understood religion as it does a para-military cult, and their notions of spirituality don't ring true as being, well, very spiritual at all.

  • besty

    you are well on the way to becoming a flaneur :-)


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