Signing Off on "The NET THANG"

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  • Farkel


    : My mother is now on her way out- after 40yrs, my father inlaw has found freedom and a measure of peace of mind and my mother in law is examining things and issues in the org that has given her an insight into what goes on behind the curtain that she never knew

    I will pray that they find the wisdom to make the decision that is right for them. Really.

    I've enjoyed the cut-ups and laughs we've had on the phone over the last few years, and our e-mails for the last five years. May we do such fun again, eh?

    Keep in touch.


  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    JT, I'm sad you are leaving... I read your post with much interest. It was good you skip between lines, cause my English handicape... Love and Harmony to you and your wife


  • Simon

    Good luck on life's travels JT ... we will miss your contributions here.

    I'm sure in a years time when we're looking back over old posts that we'll see your alias and wonder how you are getting on, remember your posts and reminisc.

    Take care & all the best.

  • dmouse

    Seeya JT, Lady C, may all your endeavors meet with success.

    Drop by the board from time to time and let us know how it's hangin' huh?

    Kind regards,

  • Angharad

    Good luck in the future JT

  • Frenchy

    Thank you for taking the time to make reasonable and insightful posts and for the care that you have always taken to be civil and considerate of the feelings of others. The respect you earned on this board is a testament to your good character and wisdom. I wish you well.

  • JT

    Just wanted to say "Thanks" to all for the kind words-

    For those with "OPEN" Emails accounts i will contact you-

    and for those with "Closed Emails"- I understand fully the need to be comfortable with whom you give your email address to, but I would like to at least touchbase with you all who gave my wife and I words of encouragement.

    If you feel comfortable please shoot me your email- if not i understand

    Just rest assured i have no desire to "Out" you - smile

    Once again take care and i will try to touchbase with you all during the week


  • AlanF

    James, you've nearly brought tears to my eyes. You've been a rock on the Net Thang for a long time, and you're going to be sorely missed. Your wit and your incisive comments on Watchtower looniness have brought many a chuckle to me, and I'm sure have made plenty of lurkers sit up and think.

    Good luck on college! I'll be in touch by phone.


  • LDH

    <<<------------- Holding on to Noidea's ankle!!!!

    JT I understand. I can't leave yet, I'm just beginning to see cracks in the WT.

    It's all worth it when you get an email from someone who says your posts have made them stop and think--and I know you've gotten some of those.

    Stay in touch.


  • chester

    I just want to say that I too am sorry to see you go.

    I hope that you change your mind.

    Also, I would like to say that I am proud to have you for a son-in-law.

    I love you and "lady C".

    You two are the best.

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