Signing Off on "The NET THANG"

by JT 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • SoulJah

    I'll let my signature speak for itself

    One day we'll all be together,until then I'm ready for whatever
    ---Tupac Shakur

  • flower

    (((((JT)))))) I will definately miss you and wish you only the best. I hope you dont mind if I keep in contact.


  • puzzled

    Wow, You are realy going?
    I will miss you, realy realy.
    It won't be the same round here for awhile with you not posting.

    In your post you said one thing that especially hit home for me and that was
    " I beleive that Information is indeed Power"

    Everytime I would come accross a scripture in the Bible that referenced to Jehovah saying that very thing it never failed to stir up my brain cells and wake um up.
    It never seemed to fit. There was always something wrong with that picture.

    How can one possibly follow the advise of god BUT only on conditions?
    I guess thats why I'm here and not there.

    Best wishes to you and the mrs.


  • TR

    Hey James,

    I'll be calling you in the near future. I, too, am busy with many new projects, and am moving on and severly limiting my participation here.

    Thanks for all your excellent input my man. See ya later.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • out4good3

    I'll really miss you JT. I only wish I knew you when I was coming into the WT. My family tried to warn me but they just didn't have the knowledge base.

    Take Care......

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Best wishes in all that you endeavor!

    I will always remember the "old lady and the shopping cart". That visual has imparted a compassion to JW's that I might not otherwise have. Thank you for that.

    Drop in once in a while, huh?


  • FreePeace


    You are someone I would like to know. Perhaps someday we can meet.

    May you find rich meaning and success in your life!

    I wish you all my best.


    "The World is my country, and to do good, my religion." --Thomas Paine
    Who Am I? -How to Reinvent Yourself After Leaving the WTS

  • Pathofthorns

    I have to say, without exaggeration, that you are (were? ) my most favourite poster. Your accuracy and insight and your always 'keep'in it real' was appreciated.

    I hope someday our paths cross, just for a beer and a chat. I am glad you are moving on and I think this is the desire of us all. I am sure you will make visits back to this place whether you let us know or not. Even though we'd all like to leave this foolishness behind, I think this is something that will haunt us in the back of our minds until the day we die.

    Best wishes to you and your wife and thanks for making a difference.


  • teejay

    Excuse me, bruh, but I ain’t go’n moan like I might iffin it was somebody else getting’ up outta heyah.

    I knows the deal ....

    ... you leavin’ cause you got thangs to do. You an’ yo’ purty wife gots some livin’ to catch up on, and this place heyah, as good as it is, only be holdin’ ya back a mite. Seein’ yo goodbye means you on-tah bettah thangs. So, steaddah getting’ all weepy-eyed (well, I am – juss a li’l), I'm mosly grinnin’ like I stole sumthin’. Or lak YOU did! You getting’ up outta heyah makes me right proud, Young Buck. It do. It mean you’s FREE. REALLY free!!!

    Naah... go on, boyah! Make yo way in the wurld!!

    One thang I know fo sho’.... I’s ain’t seent the last ah you, and you ain't seent th' lass a me, neither. No way, no how. Nuthah place... nuthah time.

    ‘Till we meet...


    Ev'rything must change
    Nothing stays the same.
    Ev'ryone must change...
    No one stays the same.

    The young become the old
    And myst'ries do unfold
    Cause that's the way of time
    Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

    – Bernard Ighner
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Best wishes to you in everything JT.

    So much of what you had to say in your remarks up above struck a chord in me. I'm going to miss you.

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