Jehovah's Witnesses Couple died in murder suicide

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    July 25 2013

    Couple died in murder-suicide, police say

    Suffolk police say the couple found dead in their Nansemond River Drive home Wednesday were victims of a murder-suicide.

    They have been identified as Lucy Celenia Perry, 67, and her husband Dennis Joseph Perry, 64.

    Autopsies showed Dennis Perry shot his wife before turning the gun on himself, city spokeswoman Diana Klink said in a press release. A release Thursday stated no foul play was suspected.

    Neighbors said Thursday they called police after noticing the couple’s absence from church and an overflowing mailbox. The last time a neighbor had seen one of them was Thursday morning.

    A relative gave police permission to enter the home, the city said.

    The couple were members at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at White Marsh Road.

    Update: The two victims of a Suffolk murder-suicide have now been identified as Lucy Celenia Perry, 67, and her husband Dennis Joseph Perry, 64.
    Autopsies revealed that both victims died from gunshot wounds.

    Police say Dennis Perry shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

    Suffolk, Va. - Police are now investigating after a man and a woman were found dead in a Suffolk home on Nansemond River Drive in the Nansemond River Estates neighborhood Wednesday.

    "It's heartbreaking. He was a great guy. Treated my kids like they were his grandkids. Church-going people, they loved life," says neighbor Brenda Phelps who lives next door.
    Phelps' nanny, Crystal Robins says the last time she saw them was six days ago.

    With the couple's cars in the driveway, Robins thought nothing of it until a church member came by around 10:30 Wednesday morning asking about the couple. That's when Robins knew something had happened.

    Robins says the woman had been ill and was in and out of the hospital.
    As police continue their investigation into what exactly happened inside the couple's home, neighbors are left to speculate.

    Police say they are not looking for any suspects in the deaths.
    The bodies are now with a medical examiner to find out how the two died.

  • rebel8

    So shooting someone is not foul play?

  • tootired2care

    Sad, this is the rotten and dim reality that the WT has produced, I beieve they own this tragedy.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Rebel8 asked, " So shooting someone is not foul play?"

    In my opinion, if they are a consenting adult, it could be an act of mercy. I don't agree with the dogma that extended suffering refines the soul. We do not have souls, and we are not souls. We are made of meat and we are born, suffer, and die like meat. Suicide can be a rational way to cheat the reaper.

    Dennis and Lucy probably realized that their religion had lied to them and tricked them into believing a fairy-tale. With no everlasting life in Paradise as restored vital young adults to look forward to, they were lefy staring at the unspeakable horror of disease and decrepitude laid out like a banquet-table before them.

    "Eat your fill," ghod said to the banquet-table. The table snarled in silent reply.

  • Finkelstein

    This could have happened to any married couple irregardless of their particular religious conviction.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Baron von Finkelstein said, " This could have happened to any married couple irregardless of their particular religious conviction."

    Could have.

    But the people it did happen to were among the "happiest" (read: "most-lied-to") people on earth, God's "Special Ones", the "apple of his eye."

    We ought not defend prevaricators or pretend they have no victims.

    "BANG!" said Jehovah.

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  • Finkelstein

    True Nathan from that perspective.

    The WTS. publishing house creates hapless victims through its lies and corruption.

  • lostinthought

    I feel so sorry for this couple. Just this morning my mom "warned" me "wordly" people are crazy, and that if things don't work out between my and my non witness boyfriend that he may kill me. I just read this article to her, she was shocked then said "this doesn't happen often in Jehovah's organization"...she forgot to take in account that yea we hear of tragic stories like this among non witnesses but there a billions of people in the world and only a small number of witnesses.

  • Kojack57

    I'am surprised they even checked up on that couple. The j-dubs usually wait Forever to check up on their members.

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