JW couple die 1 day apart after being married for 75 years!

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  • smiddy

    That, to me just highlights the fact that their are good loving people who can be victims of manipulative organizations ,whether they be religous or otherwise. Thanks for posting ohiocowboy


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Unfortunately, it's not so great when they don't die on the same day.

    The remaining partner then looks forward to an empty WT Paradise with the 1960's promise of living forever with their soulmate stolen by Jehovah's bad timing, and without all of the benefits that being an Armageddon survivor provides.

  • lisavegas420

    thank you for sharing this. Love this story. Part of their sucess could be that it appears they had other interests and friends outside of the JW world. Maybe they found a happy middle ground.

  • cantleave

    Thank you for sharing.

  • exwhyzee

    This is a nice story even though it has a sad ending. I know a JW who had this posted on their facebook and the comments left were about Jehovah's blessings etc.

    My non JW Aunt and Uncle were a perfect match and were married very young and worked side by side for almost 60 years. She passed away and was buried on a Saturday and he passed away a day later and was laid to rest next to her the following Saturday. He literally fell apart within a few hours without her, which shows you how much ones mental outlook affects ones physical well being. Although they beleive the two are reunited in heaven now, this was really hard for my Cousins to take and the preperations were quite overwhelming. I imagine this couple's family may be going throught the same thing.

  • Dagney
  • truthhurts13

    Captain Blith, EdenOne, One question. Did they, or did they not spend their entire life supporting an organization that promotes child molestation? YES or NO.

    Just because they died, lets NOT FORGET their actions when they were alive. Hitler is dead too, You gonna talk about all the good things he did?

    Hitler/Jaydubs= masters of propaganda, that has caused many people to suffer.....Correct me if Im wrong

  • ohiocowboy

    Truthhurts13, this thread is about an adorable couple married for 75 years and the joy and love that they shared with each other for so long. Yes, the Watchtower itself and some unscrupulous JW's have a lot to answer to in regards to Child Abuse and other misdeeds, so please feel free to start your own thread about that topic if you so desire, as it is a topic very worthy of conversation. But, to compare this couple to Hitler and judging them without knowing anything about them or what was in their hearts is just too much. This thread is meant to celebrate love and life, and many people have been encouraged and have smiled from reading this story. Can we please keep this thread happy and positive? I would appreciate it very much!

    To the other posters, thank you again for your positive comments about this couple. JW or not, I bet they had a lot of amazing stories and adventures over the past 75 years!

    I couldn't even begin to imagine how either one of them felt at the thought of being without one another, and I can see how easy it would be for the other person to die so soon after losing their life long love. I feel it was a blessing that they died within hours of each other after living such full lives.

    Dagney, thank you for the link to the interview, it adds a lot to this thread!

  • truthhurts13

    Just for clarification, I didn't mean to compare just this couple to Hitler, I meant to compare jaydubs in general, that spread propaganda on a mass scale, to Hitler, not just this couple. Sorry for the miscommunication

  • 3rdgen

    OC, thanks for the story. I would love to see a wedding picture of these two. I'll bet they looked like movie stars! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, many JWs are lovely loving people who are simply deceived. This couple appears to be that kind. My grandparents were married almost 70 years. They died within 6mos of each other. My theory is that aside from both being old, very long married couples die within a short period of time because they simply loose the will to live once the other has died.

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