Why do all the COs have food intolerances/allergies/special dietary requirments?

by Julia Orwell 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    "Why do all CO's seem to have weird dietary problems?"

    Because they're "special." I second XBEHERE'S comment.

  • Legacy

    Hi All,

    Not only the CO's DO's..it's all of them. They all have hip, knee, allergies, depression, you name it they got it...it's only my opinion..if you try to live a strict life with no out let..your body will turn on itself. Many come to the hall & start an illness chart with the friends, so that way, when you don't show up at the hall, they shall, Aw, I didn't see sister so & so at the meeting..then the other sister or brother will say, oh well, you know they suffer with.....so they have an excuse always in place. They would never say, maybe they were JUST TIRED, OR DIDN'T WANT TO COME...I go to my meetings most of the time but if I don't it is because I work all day & am just tired...& that's what I say when I come back...No muss no fuss.

    They call it the benefit ot doubt, I call it as it is...I didn't wanna..

    Also, if they have all these illnesses, they can say...You know how Satan persecutes us..he wants me not to serve God, yeah, you know how Satan is ? I would say it but I don't...I want to say, No I don't, fill me in about him...

    This is only my being observant & my opinion...

    Be Well,


  • sd-7

    I think it's a matter of survival. Everyone will make their richest meal for you unless you tell them to tone it down. The health consequences would be dire otherwise. I don't believe it's a matter of control at all, just a matter of watching their health, especially since if they get sick from eating too much heavy/fattening/salty food, they'll have to stop their circuit work.


  • brainmelt

    Same here, all CO's I remember growing up had some sort of food intolerance. I too reckon that its stress.

  • Londo111

    I’d forgotten all about this--they all did have some food allergy or dietary requirement. And quite a few of elder’s wives as well had allergies.

    Doesn’t’ Steven Hassan make mention of this in one of his books? It may be a common phenomena in cults.

  • Glander

    I think JWs in general have a weakness for natureopathic fads. CO's and wives have very little control over their diets. Having some individual food quirks is one of the last bastions of individualilty. A few glasses of wine also helps.

    The original Awake, the Golden Age, almost always had an article on food/health issues. My Grandma considered using aluminum cooking utensils a disfellowshipping offense.

    What is a 'potluck'?

    Has to do with growing your own weed in the bathroom. Sometimes it's decent, sometimes not.

    (don't get me started on chiropractors)

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Cultopractors, a friend of mine called them.

  • stillin

    I guess I should have been a CO. My wife has goy all of that, and she's still adding more food "sensitivities" to her list.

    you put people on a pedestal, they want it higher.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    a) Psychosomatic illnesses (it's only in your head)

    b) Depression (I mean, who wouldn't be at that point)

    c) Guilt-tripping - if br&sr CO can do so much, spending 120h/week in service and an additional 80h in meetings with elders on a little budget when they are so sickly, how do you healthy people feel with a 40h job about your 8h/month

    d) Self-selecting diets - some CO's simply come out and say they want healthy stuff because eating out every day is pretty heavy on your body

  • cofty

    SBF and free&happy - Ray and Cherry Midgley were special pioneers in Coatbridge where I grew up. Cherry had the most piercing laugh.

    I'm sorry to hear Ray died of cancer. At a congregation party way back in the 70s he admitted to being a bit of a hippy before becoming a JW. Some of the bros improvised a skiffle band and we sat around singining "Where have all the flowers gone". Different days.

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