'Apostates want to draw people after themselves'--what are they really implying?

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  • sd-7

    When JWs say this, what are they really saying? I was pondering this recently, and I was thinking...what they're really trying to imply is simple:

    Apostates are thus accused of attempting to be cult leaders.

    Because the idea is that since they're not getting people to follow Christ, but follow themselves, then they want their 'victims'' belief system to be centered around an individual, following that person's directions. In other words, a cult.

    While of course the WT is projecting when it says this, it's an interesting thought. Christ and even God become their sock puppets for whatever the teaching is. Shunning relatives is a matter of loyalty to "God's commands" and not merely a shunning policy that is quite different from what the Bible actually says. Obeying the GB is the same as obeying Christ and accepting 'God's way of ruling'.

    Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but to me, follow that line of thought to its logical conclusion. If the idea is to draw people away from Christ so they can follow me, then I must be running a cult.

    Personally, I don't want people following me. I want people to follow their own path. Waking up from the WT's spell is a very personal, individual path and while I don't mind helping as I have the ability (which is mostly by writing stuff on one website, which isn't exactly a lot), I know that people need to go their own way. It's the only way they'll become mature human beings instead of just dependent on someone else who may or may not be benevolent. Even if they were benevolent, it would still not help the person become mature. They have to grow by the choices they make on their own without anyone's undue influence.

    If you choose to follow Christ, I wouldn't want to hinder you. Because the goal, in my opinion, is freedom, the freedom to choose your own belief system rather than being bound by any authority to believe some particular thing. Freedom is the real treasure. It has to be spent wisely or it can seriously harm you. Whatever you do, make sure you spend it in such a way that you get a rewarding return on your investment.


  • rebel8

    I think you're onto something here.

    Not that I'm following you or anything.

  • Jeffro


    When JWs say this, what are they really saying?

    I'm pretty sure the JW leadership knows that people who leave their crackpot group aren't really trying to become 'cult leaders'. And I don't think they were really giving much thought to Jesus when they tightened up 'rules' about 'disfellowshipping' in the early 1980s.

    The main reason JWs 'need' to shun 'apostates' is about information control. The leadership doesn't want former members who know 'too much' having ready access to inform current members and let them make up their own damn minds.

    Because they like to have some semblence of 'scriptural backing', they trot out scriptures loosely related to the matter, including that about 'drawing members after themselves'.

    Of course, a lot of JW members more than likely accept the Watch Tower Society's drivel that the 'evil scary apostates' are doing... whatever the WTS says they are.

  • sd-7
    The main reason JWs 'need' to shun 'apostates' is about information control.

    Well, yeah, obviously. I guess it's not really an intentional implication, more so part of the ad hominem attack, to attribute this sort of quality to apostates.


  • Terry

    You know the old saying: Him that smelt it dealt it?

    What the GB are guility of themselves, they see in others.

    They are admiting in a backhand sort of way that they are in competition as leaders with apostates whom they fear will sap their audience.

    Apostates are de facto competitors to them.

    Poor babies!

  • jwfacts

    There are a handful of "apostates" that have sent up religions, and that comment could apply to. It is ironic though, since the Governing Body are trying to draw people after themselves, and successfully so with the preaching work.

    Far and away, most apostates are not drawing people after themselves, just helping people leave the Watchtower religion.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    You know, even as a dub, I used to wonder a bit about this, about these bad apostates lurking about, "seeking to draw me away to themself." But where were they? I didn't see any actively trying to draw me away. It was more a case of me having to seek them out!!

    Even the ones you'd see occasionally at the DCs would usually stand aside, not directly approaching anybody. Where the heck were all these evil apostate people that were supposed to be everywhere?? I didn't see anyone behind bushes or peeking around corners or following me about, trying to draw me away after themself.

  • Phizzy

    Exactly what I used to think Muddy, it all sounded suspect to me, and raised my Cognitive Dissonance, because I thought to myself "How could an Apostate influence me, when I have the Truth?"

    All this fear-mongering about a non-existent problem, simply to exert information control, is rather counter-productive.

    It was quite funny after I left, as JW's have to find a reason for your leaving that fits with their religion being "the truth" (OH the irony !) and they couldn't say I left "to live a life of debauchery", the rumour went around that I had left to start my own religion !

    I rather wish I had, money is to be made at that scam, as the WT well knows !

  • Jeffro


    the rumour went around that I had left to start my own religion !

    Where do I join up? Is there cake?

  • HarryMac

    It always nagged at me that we were spending so much time pouring over every minute detail about other religions and why they were wrong, but, if somebody criticizes 'The Society' in the slightest we were programmed to be all like "Talk to the hand!".

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