How Do You Know If You Are "Marked"?

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  • Thoughtless

    Yeah, this has been a question that has been on my mind for a while, but how do one know if he has been "marked" by the congregation? Do they announce it? Also, is there a way to get out of it? I have expressed doubt last year about the Org, but I still have responsibilities within the KH. I don't think I was marked as "bad association" due to the fact that a) I didn't share my doubts with anyone INSIDE the congregation b) I don't really socialize. Help pl0x (please).

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hi Thoughtless (really Thoughtful),

    That is a great question, which i am looking forward to hearing the answer from someone who understands Marking, because i NEVER did!

    ONE time i heard a talk and everyone said, That is a marking talk. During the talk no name was mentioned. You were just supposed to KNOW who was being referred to. And if you DIDN'T know, nobody was supposed to tell you. That's the explanation i got when i was asking questions trying to understand what i should be doing if someone was marked.

  • Violia

    Once an entire Congo was left out of sharing speakers with another Congo. Took them a while to figure out that Congo had marked them. Just like that- maked an entire Congo Boe.


    How to be " marked " within the Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses:

    1) Display a blatant disregard for theocratic order.

    2) Pose a threat to the rest of the flock.

    If you keep your thoughts to yourself and mind your own business, then you will not be officially marked. For instance, you can be inactive and not be marked. You can be marked and not be guilty of a DF'ing offense. They will have a " marking talk " if they mark you. There will be no doubt that you are marked, since no one will hang out with you until the Elders say it's okay. The action is designed to shame you. Just read the Shepherd Book for confirmation. I am sure you can find it on the net.

    If you want to be un-marked you must display repentence over whatever got you marked. It will take time, and the Elders are the judges. Marking is just like df'ing, just less severe in nature. It's a cult tactic to keep you in line.

    I don't know your personal situation, but if you are single, then you can just become inactive. There is no need to be marked, and no need to tell the Elders about your doubts. It will do absolutely no good. You are not even allowed to have private beliefs, based on a 1980's letter to the Elders.

    Anything you say to the Elders can and will be used against you in the court of the JW Star-chamber. It will not remain confidential under any circumstances. You will be throwing your pearls before swine. They WILL turn around and tear you open.


  • Thoughtless

    VIOLIA, A WHOLE CONGREGATION COULD BE MARKED? HWAT? I have never heard such a thing.

    IOWN, thanks for the compliment. I had never experienced a "marking" talk, I think? My brother had just got removed as an unbaptized publisher, but that is just it. I think he is reinstated. I think the fact that I am an intellectual, a lot of people have their hopes high for me, but a lot of people have their eyes out for me. I don't know, but I think the more they find out my interests (passed JW acceptable music) and my interests into pop culture and philosophy, I am going to get in serious trouble. Just livin' life with my hat's brim kept low.


  • Thoughtless


    I am SO lucky that I haven't gotten hit yet. But I don't really trust anyone, so I play a mental game of chess and learning who to push in and who to keep away. I told one brother who is a Ivy League Grad who happens to be an Elder my doubts, but was very very nonspecific. But this was at a time in which I knew less, and my doubts were just growing. I know substantially more, enough to actually get DF'd if called into question, but I don't believe in really pushing my beliefs upon others. I think if I do choose to DA it will be extremely short, because I believe if you are too weak to question, then perhaps you don't deserve Christ or even the right to live anyway. On the other hand, I do respect people who do share their beliefs, mainly due to the premise of Plato's Cave.


  • sir82

    "Marking" occurs when you have committed some "sin" that the WTS wishes it could DF you for, but they have not found a way to twist the scriptures enough to give them the justification.

    Typical marking sins include dating an unbeliever, watching R-rated movies (well all JWs do that - the sin would be to let other people know), using profanity, etc.

  • RubaDub

    I believe some years ago that one of the magazines mentioned that being "marked" is the spiritual equivalent of walking into a room with your flies open.

    Rub a Dub

  • Thoughtless

    Sir82, I have done all those things, except dating an unbeliever, due to the fact that I do not want to explain my beliefs to her, and that is just too risky. I thought "obscene language" was a DF' offense though?

  • Violia

    yes the entire Congo, ie, the BOE and all elders (anyone who was a speaker ) was marked. The marked boe was a little slow in figuring this out, but eventually realized they were being left our of official things Congo's do together, sharing speakers, gatherings etc. The marking Congo thought the other Congo was just a little too easy on sinners and regarded them as having an independent spirit ( code for we think this Congo may be going apostate) . All but the Po was removed or decided to relocate.

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