Britain | Jehovah's Witnesses hushed up child sex scandal | July 16, 2013

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  • besty

    " Mr Scott said contacting the police was not discussed as an option."

    So after hearing a confession of horrific sexual predatory behaviour against children the Jehovah's Witness elders don't even mention the police as a possible option.

    Any questions on why there is a scandal?

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Prime said: "I disagree with the elder's decision to not initially turn the confession over to the investigating officers and the court without being compelled."-- Perhaps stalling, in regard to turning over evidence, (until forced to do so) is part of an Elders training and mentality..As indicated by the example cited here: " 143 of the elders handbook, Pay Attention To Yourselves and to All the Flock. This page is left blank, with elders filling in dictated notes. In regards to child abuse the following paragraph is scribed. Child Abuse. Ref Letters: A.B.E Aug 29th 1989 pg 3; LLA 10/10/2002; 28/8/02. Legal ramifications. *In cases of either accusation or allegations of child abuse, immediately contact the society. Do not talk to anyone else. *If a brother or a sister confesses to child abuse, ask them not to speak to anyone else till you get back to them, and contact the society immediately.. ..*If presented with a search warrant or a subpoena, the last resort is to hand over any material. (Cong file) Find out exactly what is wanted and hand over only that. Preferably seek legal advice first. (stall) Read the warrant. Write on envelope Ecclesiastical privilege claimed, not to be opened until matter is determined by court. "

  • besty

    Thinking about the statement noted above by Mr Scott, perhaps this is the reason the Watchtower barrister fought so hard to keep them out of the witness box in court.

    "Mr Scott said contacting the police was not discussed as an option."

    Its pretty damning.

  • joe134cd

    I'm pretty sure the WT has got some kind of clause to get out of this. If they didnt and it left them open to hefty law suites - I'm sure the would of backed down immediately. This isn't the first time this issue has raised its ugly head in Britain. I remember seeing a documentary some time ago about child abuse and how the WT handled it in the UK and even then there was no (Conti) like pay out. I'm sure they will wipe their hands of this and move on. Like most WT scandals it the the old formula of say nothing and with the passing of time people will forget.

  • joe134cd

    To be honest I'm just wondering how much longer they can play hard arse for, before cracks start to appear.

  • skeeter1

    Even in the US (California's Supreme Court), the penitential communication can not act as a cloak for which the church hides its crimes. Elder meetings are not in a confessional nature but more like an investigatory nature to determine guilt and punish. Further, usually the victim and her family are present at these elder meetings, including two other elders. Others in the congregation can be called in to answer. The sex abuse is then reported to headquarter staff & legal departments, thus breaking any hint that it is a religiously confidential meeting. Elder's meetings are not a mano-a-mano confidential, confessional meeting. Further, this man was a Ministerial Servant (I think i read somewhere he was) which has been proven here in the US to be an agent (quasi-employee) of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Anyway, even if he wasn't a MS, he was a baptised publisher (I.E. MINISTER) of the church. So, now, we have a non-profit organization whose agent committed a crime, it was admitted ina public forum, and the elders did not report it to the police.

    Let's change up the scenario. Let's say there had been a murder. The killer and the victim's family reported it to the elders. The killer is an agent of the organization. The elders investigated the matter, talked to all parties involved, called their headquarters. The killer said he was sorry. The elders claim that the investigation was in a confessional and don't report the matter to the police. They bury the victim in silence. The killer remains in the church, until the shit hits the media fan. Then, he's relieved of the religion. How long do you think that would fly?

    I am reminded that when one harbors a known criminal, they can become accessories to the crime because they concealed it. Now, I am wondering that because this victim waited and the JW policy is to tell the victim and victim's family that they can't report it to the police lest be disfellowshipped . . . if the English barrister has a cause to hold the elder's criminally culpable as an accessory.

    Child sex abuse is a high level crime, against an innocent child. This is highly different then a crime directly against the church (like stealing money from the back room), where the church/victim chooses to not report it.

    How did this come out? The child reached the age of majority, and reported it?

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Skeeter said: "Further, this man was a Ministerial Servant (I think i read somewhere he was)" and "How did this come out? The child reached the age of majority, and reported it?" -- From the 1st page of this thread.. "Jehovah Witness ministerial servant Gordon Leighton.." and "..the victim, who is now an adult, broke her silence in 2009."

  • mP

    is there any religion that is not a club for pedophiles ?


    " According to what's stated in Galatians 6:1, the elders don't have the right to automatically disfellowship anyone if a person appears to be repentant. If anything else ever comes to light however, a person is rarely given a third chance as indicated in this article. These articles are evidence of what I've stated in the past, that it's adults that tell things to elders, not children."

    Prime, you are so obtuse. Repentant of what...? He denied everything until he was finally caught. Had the case not been pursued, it would have been over by JW standards. Water under the bridge/wait on Jehovah time. Sorry you got touched kid.. He would have NEVER been DF'd. The ONLY reason that he was DF'd is because things became public knowledge. It had nothing to do with repentance. The WTBTS was willing to cover everything up to save face. Once things became too hot they kicked the guy to the curb to perserve the image of an organization who handles child abusers properly. The only problem is, they wouldn't do the moral thing until forced by the Superior Authorities. What a sad testimony to God's one true organization, the only channel on earth that can provide salvation.. Stop trying to muddy the waters.

    Thank the Superior Authorities for doing the job they were appointed to do!

  • Bangalore

    Is Prime our old friend Renia with a new name?


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