I lost my pet today...

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  • tooktheredpill

    She was a 12 year old Maltese. The best pet in the world. My wife and I never had kids, so she was our only daughter. There is no way to describe the emptiness I feel right now.

    I'm just venting...


  • AudeSapere

    I'm so sorry. They are just like furry children.

    I know the pain of loss is real. I bet she brought you and your wife so much joy.

    So sorry.


  • GromitSK

    Sorry to hear. It is a dreadfully painful experience. They bring so much joy. It will get easier. Eventually I came to focus on what a privilege it was to have enjoyed their companionship but it took a while.

  • Simon

    Aw, I can imagine how you feel. We nearly lost our dog (my little princess!) about a year ago - she was very ill and we had to chose at one point between letting her go and fighting on. Fortunately she pulled through but appreciate the emotions you are going through. They are completely a member of the family with personality, quirks and attitude so it's tough to lose them.

    I'm sure you have some great memories and she had a great life being loved and cared for. Hope you have a great photo to put on the wall to remember her.

  • tooktheredpill

    Thanks a lot for your comments, guys. I really appreciate them!

    Simon, we had a similar experience with my dog about 3 years ago. A mass was discovered in her kidney and we thought that she was going to die... but she bounced back!

    This morning she started gasping for air, and we brought her to the vet. There was nothing they could do. We put her to sleep.

    She will be missed so much.

    She loved french fries. We used to give her a couple each time that we went to McD's. :)


  • Angharad

    So sorry to hear, they are a huge part of your life and family.

    We have a bichon shih tzu she got sick and we nearly lost her last year - we were all a complete mess for a week at the thought of it so I can imagine how devastating it is right now.

    (oops cross posted with Simon)

  • Ding

    Sorry. Pets are family.

  • sooner7nc

    So sorry to read this. Fur-kids are the some of the best friends you'll ever have. Cherish the memories.

  • mouthy

    Oh I am so sorry for you. I had a Samoyed who had cancer & was suffering she was 17 yrs old

    we had to let her go.I felt awful.I also felt she was my girl.... I am so sorry!!!!

  • awaken2004

    I am so so so sorry. Maybe not right for you and your husband but for some people getting a new pet really does help you heal.

    My two dogs are getting older now and I cry whenever I think about their time. I'm so sorry.


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