In Case You Had Any Doubts About Dinosaurs

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  • metatron

    Nature red in tooth and claw. If Jehovah is the creator of all, he made some very vicious, nasty stuff. This is why I see 'God' as a system rather than a person - there is no morality in creation.


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Everyone knows that Satan put dinosaur bones in the ground to make new earth creationists look bad.

  • Simon

    Yeah, and he fooled those physicists with all those light-rays coming from all those galaxies. It's a tough thing to get right ...


  • cantleave

    Interesting article, Thank you for sharing.

  • Dagney

    Seeing a traveling exhibit of Sue the T-Rex was one of the redwoods that broke the camels back for me and the JW explanation of dinosaurs. Standing under that massive head and looking at that body about did it for me...and being able to hold actual dinosaur eggs. I went with another "sister" (who is now out), and we just looked at each other and knew we were lied to. It was sobering, and i think I actually cried.

    Nice article. Those T-Rex's, very odd creatures...that head, those arms, that tail.

  • designs

    T-Rex's: I don't know about those guys, with those short arms are you sure they could hold a rack of ribs up to their mouth

  • 2+2=5

    Goes to show how brave Noah was by letting these beasts on the ark with himself and his family.

  • Bells

    wait what - they don't teach that dinosours were around in Noah's day right?

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