Old out-of-touch JWs using antiquated terms

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  • punkofnice

    Julia - I got sick of hearing the referrence to 'I did it my way' and Satan. One brother(TM) used to use that comparison and then give a simpering laugh. Vomit inducing stuff.

    I wouldn't say this is an antiquated expression but one brother(TM) read out the (then) website for the watchtower(R) then said: 'That's the code you put into your computer.'

  • steve2

    Well they may be hilariously out of touch when it comes to music but when it comes to platform talks on sex, these old men are excruciatingly awkward. To their credit, they no longer refer to self abuse, but they are wedded to the word "masturbation" aren't they? Oh, and "heavy petting". I'm not nolding my breath expecting them to lighten up anytime soon. In the meantime, most kids are at least 10 steps ahead of these dreary old, crimplene-suited farts.

  • NeverKnew

    It's not just the elderly JWs.

    If my JW friends had more non-JW friends, they'd probably realize that nobody uses the word "fornication" these days. Seems like I hear that word at least once a week.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Along these lines, the NWT is spoken of as being a 'modern day language' Bible, but the fact is that the language is out-dated. It is English usage written in the 1950's, and was old-fashioned then, as it was translated by old men at that time who grew up in the 1890-1930 time period. Until the NWT is updated, we will continue -keep on- hearing words like fornication and manifestation, etc. At least in English, but I don't know how the other language NWTs read.

  • bigmac

    "or downright weirdo's"

    hey Phizz ( greatest respect bro) lots of us ex's would fit that description perfectly !

  • Rattigan350

    So he left the "c" off of it. It is properly called "Crap music", cut him some slack.

    And how about the continued use of the book by "Dr Spock" where he criticizes the spanking of children from the 1960s.

    The NWT is modern language even today. The problem is that the expressions translated from are overly complicated and redundant.

  • sir82

    I heard that when "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" came out the idea of singing about such blatant displays of public affection caused quite a controversy.

    You are right it's not just the old dudes.

    I was told, within the past decade, by someone 10 years younger than me, that "I want to hold your hand" is really a message that "I want to have sex with you.".

  • scotoma

    Better watch out for the lyrics of the "SONG of Solomon" while you're at it.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Re Dr Spock, I've heard that reference trundled out here too for many years. These references to 60's songs and drs must be in the outlines, and have been there unchanged for 50 years. It's gotta be no coincidence that congregations across time and space hear the same references ad nauseam.

    Or what about how universities are hotbeds of protests and violence? Spent 5 years across three campuses and saw nothing remotely like that, nor have I ever heard about it in my time except for some protests off campus in south Korea! Like hello people, the Vietnam war ended in the 1970's...

  • EmptyInside

    Isn't there an outline that discusses the world's standards vs. the Bible's standards? And it brings out how the dance the twist is really imitating an African fertility dance?

    My brother gave that talk and used that,in the 90's.

    All I got to say,is I hope they update their dance moves,maybe equate the dougie with some sort of Satanic ritual,I don't know.

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