JWStruggle post: Bethel Layoffs Reveal a Kingdom without Clothes

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  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    When I was 18 the greatest ambition I had was to get to go to bethel. That was until I saw the application form, and on it there were some very personal questions that required answers. One of them was: "Have you ever smoked Marijuana?"

    Well I had.. so I never got accepted or even considered. I tried to imagine when Jesus was choosing his apostles did he ask them thinks like this. No he did not.

    Not only is this organisation not the least bit forgiving.. they never forget and they don't ever allow you to forget anything either however trivial. They have no genuine love either. Years later having read so many plain awful bethel experiences I am so so glad that I never ended up in that place. It was the greatest favour they ever did me.

  • Mum

    When I was a dub, a young couple who had both been Bethelites and got married in New York came to my congregation in the South to serve "where the 'need' was great." The young man had learned a skilled trade (sheet metal work, I believe) at Bethel and was very employable. Unfortunately, this case is the exception rather than the rule.

    Before dumping people onto the mean streets of the real world, Bethel could at least teach them a marketable skill so they can earn a living.

  • Bella15

    I don't know if its true but I read somewhere that if you visit homeless shelters in New York you would find lots of old JWs ex WORKERS of the Watchtower CORPORATION ... would be nice to corroborate this but I don't live in New York...

  • Gayle

    I wonder:

    if the Bethel Layoffs were the reason for the Oct. 15, 2013 WT with the article about Malcolm Allen. He had been in circuit and district work and Bethel, but left "in mid-70s" to take care of aging parents then. He would have been about 53 yrs old then, not so young. He had to get secular work too but . . . . he still enjoyed all "Jehovah's blessing and favor."

    The article uses "Always lean on Jehovah and accept what he permits." Right under the title, "Life is unpredictable at times, uncertain, and even hard to deal with." (So, now Bethel, the organization, the new world 'soon' etc, are all "unpredictable and uncertain" too!!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    So much for the arrangement in the 1st century to take care of those in need

  • Dagney

    The end not coming yet has really thrown a wrench in WBTS plans hasn't it. (As well as everybody else's!) We all trusted them to tell us the truth for some strange reason until the went off. Now they have to revamp their plans and have bruised and bloodied loyal volunteers left out in the cold.

    I've heard some sad sad stories from some of these loyal, trusting volunteers.

  • steve2

    Harsh reality check folks: These lovely, dedicated hard-working former Bethelites and their spouses that we feel so very sorry for would not hesitate to cross to the other side of the street if they saw us coming. They'd shun us as quick as look at us. Put your snotty tissues aside and get a grip.

    We make choices in life and have consequences as a result, some good, some not so good.

    The only difference between these ex-Bethelites and us is, We questioned the organization, they didn't.

    Perhaps in their sadder and wiser outlook away from the cushion-comfort they enjoyed at Bethel, their few remaining active brain cells will kick-in and they'll do something productive for a change...Like realize it's a sham, and whatever time they have remaining on this at-times cold, cruel planet, put their energy into getting a grip and a life. Bethel doesn't owe them a life and nor does the world - although secular agencies might toss a few welfare checks in their direction.

    These ex-Bethelites are not preschoolers - even though they may have been used to having all their needs catered for in a style and comfort that many witnesses in kingdom halls the world over have never even enjoyed in the first place, let alone for a few decades spent away from the "real" world.

    Wound licking stops here.

  • Mary

    He had no idea life on the outside was this hard.

    That is, unfortunately, the reality of being a middle-aged Bethelite these days. They were told when they were young to join Bethel and they'd be taken care of for life. (There was actually something like this written in the literature several years ago that I came across one day---I'll see if I can find it again).

    I also saw a show on tv a few years ago where it showed what life was like in Bethel. One woman who was working in the laundry was asked by the reporter how she felt doing the laundry for everyone else. She made the comment that 'they wouldn't have time to do it themselves and still attend to all the spiritual needs' or something equally as dumb. Because that is exactly what those who live outside the holy of holies is expected to do. The R&F are supposed to work, cook, clean, do laundry, buy groceries, attend to the children, study, attend meetings, field serve-us, etc. etc. Bethelites have most of this done for them and it's all free. No wonder it's such a shock to them when they have to live in the real world made up of rent, groceries, clothing, bills, work, etc. because they haven't a clue what the real world is actually like.

  • konceptual99

    So what exactly are those laid off offered? There must be some kind of "severance" to at least help them get started in the real world?

    How many have been laid off?

    What percentage of the total workforce has been affected?

    What's the average age of those laid off?

    What's the average length of service?

    I suspect without this information it will be hard to really evaluate the downsizing compared to a typical corporation.

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Thats probably the way they feel or will feel Mary. It must be a shock for them indeed. My late father had Bethel asperations for me and all that. So glad now after all these years I got DF D years ago when I was young.

    I agree with Steve 2 well said both of you.

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