Bitter apostates

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  • garyneal

    The video also showed Joseph Smith reading directly from the plates out in the open. Didn't he hide them in a hat and put his face in it when he read those plates?

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Looking back, it seems so arrogant to think only “we” have the truth. Any religion that thinks this is so delusional.

  • cantleave

    I am not apostate, I even get JW's taking photos of me

  • HarryMac

    lol, nice photo.

    Did you just decide to give one of them a hug for the heck of it as well?

  • cofty

    cantleave that is brilliant!

    From the Mormon website..

    Losing confidence in Church leaders, criticizing them, and neglecting any duty required by God lead to apostasy.

    Doesn't that sound familiar?

  • Phizzy

    The "Apostates are bitter" argument is simply mind-controlling propaganda so JW's do not listsen to anything that is said by those that have left.

    As with most things issueing from the Tower of Lies there is very little truth in it, the only small kernel of truth is that, yes, many of us feel deep regret and resentment at the loss of our childhood, the loss of a good adult life, and for many a bleak retirement, due entirely to the lies, false promises and duff advice of the Watchtower.

    Even so, as people, we are not "bitter", it is not a component of our personality.

  • Laika

    Gary, from the biography you posted:

    "The heavy burden of leading the Church did not distract Joseph from his responsibility to his wife and children; it increased his love for them."

    Wife!? Shouldn't that read 'Wives'?


  • tenyearsafter

    The Mormon video is very similar to Faith in Action...except better done! It is a very slick production.

  • Pistoff

    " If the Saints in Kirtland deem me unworthy of their prayers when they assemble together, and neglect to bear me up at the throne of heavenly grace, it is a strong and convincing proof to me that they have not the Spirit of God"

    I speak for God; if you don't pray for me, it proves you don't have God's spirit.

    The circular reasoning is right in there with the WT.

  • Kojack57

    Cantleave: Angus that is awesome. Standing with Apostate haters and they don't even know it.

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