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  • SAHS

    “Cold Steel”:

    “Based on what I've heard, if you fall away from the faith and repent, you haven't committed it. If you've fallen away and don't return, then you have most likely committed it.”

    This to me all seems to be a matter of timing. The big question is, How long exactly do you have to continue not repenting after having fallen away before there is no longer any success in repenting? It almost seems like some kind of game of musical chairs where you only have so much time to reclaim a seat before it’s no longer possible. In other words, from what I’ve gathered from the WT literature, a person can commit any kind of sin, or transgression, including apostasy, and still be forgiven if that person sincerely repents and turns around from that course, but if a person practices sin without repenting then they can sin against the holy spirit. But as what kind of implied timeline during which repentance must occur, that seem very vague and unclear.


    “There is no such thing as sin - forgiveable or otherwise. There is no spirit world, no afterlife, no judgement to come. Now stop wearing magic underwear and enjoy your life.”

    Somebody give that fellow a cigar! With all things considered, especially a couple of things I like to call science and logic, that seems to be the best bet. (Minus the lack of spell checking.)

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    It has to be not changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out on you.


  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    "There is no spirit world, no afterlife, no judgement to come."

    Don´t take this wrong, but I´m curious who you KNOW this. Have you ever had an OBE? According to your statement, probably not.

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