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  • Gayle

    About Malcolm Allen's story, it is strange. I can't think Malcolm would have been so naive to think he could leave Bethel, about 53ish yrs old, be gone for 12+ yrs. (were they even pioneering then?, no word about that) and think Bethel would consider him, then at about 65+ yrs. old . Back then, anyone leaving Bethel for anything, would not expect he would be called back. I think Malcolm liked Bethel, but not so sure about Gracie. She rarely smiled, unless that was just her way. Many or some husbands like that Bethel life. But many to most, the wives don't, but they accept their "lot in life." (ugh,,doesn't that make you start to choke?)

    So what was the purpose of this article? Only thing I can come up with. And that is a switch. But perhaps, it's the Bethel's version, one's serving a long time, fulltime at Bethel, how things can change (though Malcolm had to leave due to personal family need) but Bethelites, even old ones have to leave but due to "downsizing" now-a-days. The article in the beginning states "Life is unpredictable at times, uncertain, and even hard to deal with. But . . . . blah,blah") Bethel sometimes, back then by some was considered a career. There is no promise of a "career" there anymore.

    Maybe this is a version, of the crazy happy ending for ones that have to leave Bethel, though old, and can still live "happily ever after."

  • Cadellin

    I've been sceptical about the increase in extremism by the Society but these two articles on creation and education seem to point in that direction. The logical fallacies and double-speak is startling, even by WT standards, particularly with respect to their attitude toward creationists whom they, very oddly, view as highly different from themselves. Don't they realize that they are just as much creationists as the Baptists next door? That they are rejecting the very same "credible scientific evidence" that they vilify fundamentalists for doing? I think there's a perception among the WT writers that there's somehow one set of evidence supporting the idea of an old earth and a completely different set of evidence supporting evolution--or, at the very least, a different set of processes and rationale to arrive at the conclusion. It's this kind of picking and choosing of scientific fact that is crazy-making.

    And the poster earlier who said that it's the same old, same old is absolutely correct. The line of reasoning in the article is basically this:

    1. The Bible says God made everything and the Bible is true, so then evolution must be wrong.

    2. We know God made everything because everything is SO AMAZING, like the oxygen cycle and the Monarch butterfly.

    3. If the millions of species on earth are so amazing then they must have been created by God.

    Uh, yeah. Right. The sad thing is, the logical fallacies should be identified by most people who have even a basic understanding of science, a college level reading ability and even one or two college courses in biology, philosophy, logic or geology. But to most JWs who don't have those, it seems to make perfect sense. Oh wait--that brings us to the OTHER ARTICLE in this stupid magazine.

    Hmm, so why is it the WT doesn't want anyone going to University? I wonder, I wonder...

  • Cadellin

    It's articles like these that reassure me IN SPADES that I made the right choice to leave. Yeesh.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I could only stand to look at it very briefly. It used to be that Watchtower was a waste of paper and time. Now with their website, it's also a waste of bandwidth.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    That compund mentality is scary. I suppose the cut off from the outside world, (which is Satan's anyways), promotes a conclusion that they must be right

  • Phizzy

    They continue to show their own appalling ignorance. Evolution does not "assert that all life came in to existence spontaneously".

    The Theory of Evolution, which is as proven and solid as the Heliocentric nature of our Solar system, has nothing to do with life beginning on earth, it is to do with explaining how the Flora and Fauna we see today got here, i.e Natural Selection, which the WT has had to admit is the mechanism, to try to make the ridiculous Flood story work, they really are a bad joke as far as getting anywhere near the "truth".

    The beginning of life on Earth comes under the heading of Abiogenesis, a seperate field of study, within which we have now come to understand much of how life did begin.

    Take note WT "writers", no sign of a Creator there either.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Most JW families from poorer countries, eg, the Philippines, who are lucky enough to be living in the Western world totally ignore the Watchtower's advice on higher education and practically force their kids to go to University.

    JW's are officially the most unqualified religion in the world academically, that's a fact. It serves the purpose of keeping the brainwashed sheeple blindly obedient and submissive. Can't have them deveoping advanced powers of critical reasoning.

    And it's a big drain on pioneer numbers having all those young JW's going to academic institutions (wisely laying the platform for vocational and financial security for life) instead of knocking on empty doors all week for zip while doing part-time cleaning jobs.

  • Honesty

    What a load of drivel.

    It's no wonder that more people are going out the kingdom hall's back door than are going in through the front door.

    Those clowns in Brooklyn are doing JW's a favor by printing that crap.

  • Terry

    It is obvious (to me, at least) the Watchtower Society has been studying the Gallup Poll and is going for the "low hanging fruit" of ignorant people, uneducated in science.

    This is a hot-button issue and they are surfing the crest of emotional "belief."

    Trend: Which of the Following Statements Comes Closest to Your Views on the Origin and Development of Human Beings?


    " They continue to show their own appalling ignorance. Evolution does not "assert that all life came in to existence spontaneously".

    I thought the same thing.

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