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    There is this comment

    "So concerning all who would become his anointed followers, Jesus now prays: “Father, as to what you have given me, I wish that, where I am, they also may be with me, in order to beholdmy glory that you have given me, because you loved me before the founding of the world.” (John 17:24) This causes rejoicing, not envy, on the part of Jesus’ other sheep and is further proof of the unity that exists among all true Christians on earth today."

    Not only are the other sheep scolded for possibly feeling envy because they do not feel this overwhelming idea that they have a heavenly hope (and therefore anointed) but they are denied being able to consider themselves with Jesus.

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    One widespread false teaching that blinds people

    to the truth about God [loaded language, hey the only thing as evil as apostates] is the doctrine of evolution. [It's called a theory, not a doctrine. The Trinity is a doctrine. Evolution is a scientific theory. See, one is based on interpretation of an ancient book, and another is based on scientific research, independent evaluation, and experimentation. BIG difference.]

    This human reasoning [ad hominem attack on origin of the idea, if it's not from God it probably ain't true, maybe we should just stop using all human inventions and wait for Jehovah to give us an oven] contradicts the Bible [and more importantly, the Watchtower] and

    robs [like a thief, just like those apostates!] people of hope ["It was here I learned there can be no true despair without hope."]. In its basic form, the teaching

    of evolution asserts [apparently without proof] that all life came into existence

    spontaneously; it [and by "it", I mean "the author of this article] thus implies that human life has no

    purpose [because we can't have purpose unless someone we've never seen or talked to before tells us we have one].

    ...Okay, getting interesting, I like, I like!


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Yea it does sound rather futile doesn't it? I really feel the mags are written in a way that attracts the most accepting individuals out there. As I told wifey, the WT doesn't want smart people. They ask too many questions and demand proof. That's not the target audience anymore. At one time, the WT prided itself on education of the deeper things of the bible. Right now, it's obediance and CC machines at the assembly

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    On the other hand, fundamentalists of Christendom [speaking of false doctrine,this is a great chance to whip our favorite whipping boy, Christendom]

    teach that the universe, including our earth

    and all life on it, is only a few thousand years old [not all that different from what we used to teach, actually, but you don't know that, because nothing written before this paragraph is still true or existent unless we say so].

    Those who teach this doctrine—known as creationism—

    may [some uncertainty there, since only we, Jehovah's people, can truly] have high regard for the Bible, but they

    contend that God created all things in six 24-hour

    days just a few thousand years ago. They reject credible

    scientific evidence that contradicts their view [as would we, but we're willing to adapt a little to keep you Internet-using bastards believing us]. As

    a result, the teaching of creationism actually discredits

    the Bible [unlike the genocide, rape, senseless murder and contradictions], making it appear unreasonable and inaccurate [because it definitely needs outside help to accomplish that].

    Individuals who promote such views might

    remind us of some in the first century who had a

    zeal for God “but not according to accurate knowledge [and thus useless and dooming them to destruction even if they believed everything else written in this magazine except on the issue of creationism].”

    (Rom. 10:2)

    How can we use God’s Word [the Watchtower]

    to overturn the “strongly entrenched” doctrines of

    evolution and creationism [so others may reach the happy medium of believing whatever the Watchtower says]?

    We can do

    so only if we personally work hard [or harder, you dogs!] to

    gain an accurate knowledge of what the [Watchtower]

    Bible teaches.

    ...This baby'll write itself!


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    The Bible teaches us to treasure

    knowledge [but not the kind that comes from 'higher education']. (Prov. 10:14) Jehovah wants

    our faith in him to be built on [whatever the Watchtower says] evidence

    and sound reasoning, not on [whatever contradicts the Watchtower] human philosophy

    or religious traditions.

    ( Read Hebrews





    To build strong faith in God,

    we must first [believe the Watchtower] be


    that Jehovah


    ( Read Hebrews 11:6. )

    We arrive at

    that conclusion, [not] by wishful thinking,

    [but not] by examining the facts and by using

    our “power of reason.”—

    ...Okay, I took liberties that time. I'm so sorry. I repent in dust and ashes...


  • sd-7

    The apostle Paul provides one reason

    why we can be convinced that God

    exists, even though we cannot see him [he found the God Particle, it blinded him, and now he's writing a paper on it].

    Regarding Jehovah, Paul wrote: “His invisible

    qualities are clearly seen from the

    world’s creation onward, because they

    are perceived by the things made, even

    his eternal power and Godship.” (Rom.

    1:20) How might you help someone who

    doubts the existence of God to see the

    truthfulness of Paul’s inspired words? [Mind control works, most of the time. That's what I'd use.]

    You could consider some of the following

    evidence from creation that reveals

    our Creator’s power and wisdom [because whatever is in creation proves that it was made by Jehovah as opposed to Zeus, Baal, etc.--he totally signed his name on every piece of DNA, we already cracked the genetic code here at Watchtower and so we know this for a fact, but if you ask for the research papers on it, you'll have a visit from three elders in your near future. So don't ask.].


  • sd-7



    Jehovah’s power is revealed in two

    shields that keep us safe—the earth’s atmosphere

    and its magnetic field. The

    atmosphere, for example, does more

    than provide us with air to breathe. It

    also shields us from the majority [but not all] of

    the debris that hurtles through space [occasionally a meteor gets through and injures or kills some people, obviously it was our own fault because Eve at some fruit; God likes to let some through just to remind us who's boss from time to time].

    Chunks of rock that could cause massive

    damage usually [but not always] burn up on entering

    the earth’s atmosphere, creating beautiful

    bright streaks of light in the night

    sky [or incinerate large parts of the real estate, creating charred hunks of annihilated flesh and bone, which reminds us further of Jehovah's power that he will soon unleash on most of the human population].


  • sd-7

    Okay, I better stop. But I see it's a very well-written article.


  • sd-7

    A brother

    wrote: “I have been active in the field service

    since the late 1940’s and am nearing

    75 years of age, but I have never enjoyed

    my field service asmuch as I have

    this month offering the special issue of


    --I just had to comment on this line--p. 10, par. 15. The special issue of Awake! is from 2006. This guy's been out in field service since at least 1949. So in 57 years, he has never enjoyed his field service as much as when an Awake! about creation came out??? Man, his field service must've SUCKED.


  • JakeM2012

    WTBTS has an all out war on education beyond the very minimum. They continue demonizing education:

    "15 What is the atmosphere in many of this world’s institutions of higher education? Are they not at times hotbeds of political and social unrest? (Eph. 2:2) By contrast, Jehovah’s organization provides the highest form of education in the peaceful setting of the Christian congregation.

    Higher education, with its emphasis on academic study, often produces graduates who have few or no practical skills, leaving them unprepared to deal with the realities of life. By contrast, Jehovah’s servants choose education that helps them to develop the necessary skills so that they can maintain a simple life of service to God." (Watchtower, October 15, 2013)

    The article entitled "Slave for Jehovah" should have been entitled "Slave for the self-appointed members of the Governing Body". This article was nauseating.

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