WT Conspiracy Theory - Pinky Ring - DUMB, I know

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  • Vidiot

    FayDunaway - "... I think some are attracted to witnesses cuz it echoes their own suspicion of government and religion."

    And vice versa (at least, it sure was for me for a little while.)

  • rebelfighter

    Vidiotan hour ago

    At least the Freemasons seem to have some demonstrable impact on society.


    The WTS are pretty much Freemason wannabes...

    The majority of the Masonic community is ALL about the children. We raise huge amounts of money for their benefit. One group has just completed it 23 hospital dedicated to children. Parents pay ZERO. One of the women's groups makes sure that all the parent's needs (hotel, travel, etc) are taken care of while the child is being cared for. We never ask any religious questions, just need and medical based questions.

    This is one group that is very protective of ALL children theirs and everyone elses.

  • OrphanCrow
    Morpheus: @crow- if they made those for men i would buy ten

    Geez, I don't know why I didn't pick up on that Ringlys are for women! Duh.

    Eh...maybe the GB are doing test runs for the men's model that is promised to be out soon. You know, like Rutherford did with that radium belt he used to wear.

    Or, maybe the GB really do like 'girly' things, after all. Pinky rings are so...umm...you know...not very masculine. I would think that a pinky ring would rank right up there with tight pants and spandex. :p

  • clarity
  • Crazyguy
    The fact that they are not wearing them anymore on TV tells me they have heard the criticism from this site. Bad boys your not supposed to be on this site.
  • stuckinarut2

    Whatever they are, they certainly ARE NOT discreet and modest!

    Where is the humility and discernment in wearing expensive jewellery???

    I mean seriously, these broadcasts are being seen by poor underprivileged witnesses in countries all around the world that are doing it genuinely tough...HOW would they feel about seeing such outward displays of extravagance?

    Didn't the apostle paul say "if doing anything makes my brother stumble, I will stop doing it"?

  • steve2

    Is this a Question from Readers for hopeful inclusion in an upcoming Watchtower?

    Given their widespread historical use among the pagans and worldly people, should Christians, including members of the Governing Body, wear dress rings?


    There is no proof that they aren't some schism from Freemasonry. They are without a doubt Zionists.

    I think it's very likely that all organized Christian churches are just part of the same system, one designed to manage the population.

    The RCC knew how to enslave the masses, but as time passed, savvy consumers needed new brands of XIANITY to choose from.

    We will probably never know what's really going on, unless an insider comes forward.


  • rebelfighter
    DATA-DOG36 minutes ago

    There is no proof that they aren't some schism from Freemasonry.

    Trust me they are in NO way a part of the Masonic community. Absolutely NOT!!!


    That's like saying they are in no way "Miilerites."


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