WT Conspiracy Theory - Pinky Ring - DUMB, I know

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  • OrphanCrow

    Are the rings the GB wear 'Ringlys'?

    The rings come in different colors...


  • FayeDunaway
    Just looks like 1970's bad sense of style to me. What do you see cappy??
  • Finkelstein

    Everyone sees masonic conspiracies everywhere.

    The only connection with the Freemasons and the JWS is that the founder of the WTS C T Russell used Freemason Halls to preach in and most likely made some contacts to get men to join his organization there.

    It is also most likely the reason that Kingdom Halls were given their name as such from the association and usage of Freemason Halls. not church to be noted.

    Russell used symbols used by certain divisions of Freemasons such as the Knights Templar symbol of a cross inside of a crown. ( Christ the King )

    Are the Gb members today Freemasons ?


  • baltar447
    Sauraon gave the rings to the governing body but they were all of them deceived. For a ring was forged in secret. One ring to rule them all and in the daekenss bind then!!!
  • cappytan
    Just looks like 1970's bad sense of style to me. What do you see cappy??

    It is a triangle shape. Two distinct lines.

    I know conspiracy theories are crazy, especially the illuminati/masonic ones. I wasn't even looking for it. But I saw those two lines and thought, "Whoa. That looks like it could be masonic compass."

    But the picture is inconclusive.

    However, what is factual is that it is a pinky ring, has two distinct lines forming an angle with the point of the angle pointing towards the other fingers instead of away.

    There isn't any evidence that it IS a masonic symbol or compass.

    But, of course, because of all the masonic conspiracy crap out there, my brain associated that shape with the Freemason compass.

  • Incognito

    My thought is that instead of the ring having significance to membership in an outside group such as Masons, the GB may have had rings designed and made for themselves and their 'helpers'. Possessing such a ring could then identify the wearer as a member of the exclusive JW leadership. Since JWs are so fixated on position, differences in color or design could then denote rank or position.

    I expect that even if true, anyone in the know would never verify. Just as elders possess their manual which at least earlier on, they were instructed to deny the existence of and not show to anyone, membership rings could more easily be kept a secret since there are so few that would possess one and copies could not be easily made.

  • kairos
    Purple Triangle
  • 3rdgen
    I'm with Faye.
  • _Morpheus
    Rotflmao!!!! Baltar wins
  • Finkelstein

    Yes the all GB members wear pinky rings with the Freemason symbol on them and they wear them whenever they are amongst all the JWS attending Bethel.

    Its things like this that make anti JWS or ex-JWs look tritely stupid .

    Stupid conspiracy theorists seem to be attracted to off the wall religious cults, participially end of the world cults like the JWS.

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