Lett's Historic Moment

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    Yo. what about relying on Jehovah? They all fooled
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    Yes, all 7 of the GB have broadcast in the 7 months of the channel's existence! Is that not HISTORICAL?

    Just as the non-events of Cedar Point became so pivotal in their revelations, it is highly likely that they are going to refer to these early times of jw . tv and the Governing Body becoming prominent on it as another pivotal time period.

    When I resigned as an elder, I told the C.O. and COBE that while trying to follow the guidance for members, particularly elders, I kept reading how we are supposed to "know" and "work with" the anointed and that I did not know any anointed, and the only way I could follow was to "know" the Governing Body. I said that they were not visible to me and I knew absolutely nothing about them. Sure, I was kind of making a straw man, but that would be much harder nowadays with the GB all over the videos.

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    BrokebackWT - "...they are running on stupid."

    Oh, that's priceless!

    "The Watchtower engine runs on stupid!"

  • OrphanCrow
    Icarus: With all the furor over the JW's cash strapped pleas, I'm surprised no one noticed a different issue with this broadcast. It was HISTORIC! Did anyone else get that? Yes, all 7 of the GB have broadcast in the 7 months of the channel's existence! Is that not HISTORICAL?
    But, wait. What?
    Given that it is a group who believe that Revelation prophecies were fulfilled by giving a talk at a Cedar Point, Ohio Conventions*, I guess it doesn't take much for delusional minds to make something over any trivial thing.

    Ah, yes...that mystical number 7 rears its head yet again. For sure...that must mean that the Tower is blessed.

    It was at that Cedar Point convention in 1919 that Wm.F. Hudgings gave his sermon "Prison Experiences" and revealed how significant that number 7 figured was the conclusive sign that the 'divine appointment' of the Tower as the 'Word of God' was from Jehovah himself.

    Then they were taken down to Raymond Street jail. None of us knew how long they would be there. They kept them there exactly seven days, and while there, the officers of the Society and both compilers of the Seventh Volume were placed on a tier of cells known as Number Seven on the North side.
    At the end of the seven days they were removed to Queen's County jail.
    Nobody knew how long they would be kept there. They were kept there exactly seven days.
    And on the seventh day they were removed from there and taken to Atlanta on the 4th day of July (the seventh month), which day was being celebrated by exactly seven nations for the first time in history.

    And more about the significance of "7":

    This matter is further emphasized when we look into the details of the circumstances as they occurred. Our brethren were convicted the day previous (June 20th), and the Court had announced that at noon on the following day he would pronounce sentence. About 11 A. M. the officers came to Raymond Street jail and took our brethren to the courthouse. Everything was arranged just before 12 o'clock for the judge to make his appearance in the court room and pronounce the sentence according to schedule. But 12 o'clock came, then 12:10, 12 :30, 12 :40, and the judge had not yet put in his appearance. He did not arrive and impose sentence until 1 P.M.
    "Oh," you say, "I am sorry he spoiled the picture. Why couldn't he have gotten there on time?" I do not know why. He did not explain, but merely apologized for having been delayed an hour; and then he pronounced the sentence at 1 P. M. instead of 12 o'clock, — as announced. But, isn't it a fact, that all the clocks were running one hour fast all last summer? (Laughter.) And if he had pronounced that sentence at 12, it would have been one hour before the sun reached its zenith in the heavens, on this longest day in the year. The Lord permitted him to be one hour late in order that the sentence might come upon the seven representatives of the feet members of the body at exactly high noon, when the sun was at its very highest point in the heavens.
    And then the sun began to wane, even as the moon waned back there at the crucifixion of our Lord, and showed the passing away of the privileges upon the nominal Jewish house. Just so, this pictures the passing away of the privileges of nominal Christendom down here. The picture is complete.
    Let us see further: the 13th of Nisan back there when the Lord was crucified occurred on Friday. You look at the calendar and you will find the 21st day of June in the year 1918 came upon a Friday.
    Furthermore, the Lord was found guilty the night previous, — Thursday, at a late hour. Our brethren, the seven representatives of the Feet Members of Christ, were found guilty the night previous, at a late hour.

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    @blondie......YOU NAILED IT ! ! ! !
  • bradford
    What does 8 signify? Not complete enough? How come they didn't talk about the significance of the sixth episode. I thought that episode was historically found insufficient.

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