My 8 year old daughter tells me she is an atheist...???

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    You have NO reason to be mad at this child ..... You just are finding her critical thinking and truthfulness un-nerving for yourself . You are reaching a point that is out of your own comfort zone . Could it be that because your child can now think like this,that maybe it is time for YOU to look inside and examine your own beliefs ,and this makes you uncomfortable ,uneasy .

    When my 20-something son told me he was now an atheist ,I know I cringed . I too felt maybe it was my fault that I had turned him away from God .But over time I just realized he has the freedom to decide for himself what to believe . We were brought up with not much of a choice ,at least I wasn't ....I loved Science ,but had to mentally juggle what I learned in class to what was being fed at the KH.

    You're daughter is fortunate she will be able to examine all sides and make her own choice .

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    That's great your daughter feels free to talk with you about what she really thinks and not just parrot what she thinks you want her to say.

  • whathappened

    Your little girl is going to do all right, I'd say.

  • tec

    So if everything has a beginning who created Jehovah - whoever created him should be God."

    That is the CUTEST thing that I have read from a child in quite some time.

    (of course, it makes me think that this comment then means that the wts should be God, as they invented "jehovah" as they deemed fit)

    I'm not sure how that is telling you that she is an atheist though. She is just questioning things that don't make sense according to other things that she is learning. However, even if she does go that route... don't worry... it is her path to walk. You owe her love, first and foremost... and she will find her way, or perhaps she will be found. I was not raised in religion, and no one taught me my faith. But here I am just the same.

    Also, kids go through the phase that teachers know everything, and parents never know more than teachers, so the things learned in school are... for lack of a better word... gospel ; ) Your daughter sounds about the right age for that... but be prepared becasue teenagers are worse, lol.

    As to her question, I wouldn't worry about it. (and I imagine it might be bothering you, not that she is asking, but because you don't have the answer yourself... kids have a good way of keeping us honest.) It is true that science states that everything has a beginning (I think science states that)... but also that science can only speak to that which it CAN measure. But there are some things that are outside the "current" knowledge of science, and beyond the scope of the current tools that we have. When new evidence is discovered... or better tools to create more updated theories... then the statements of science are updated.

    Science does not know how to measure God... so it cannot make statements as to Him.

    Peace to you and your little one (and the rest of your loved ones),


  • tec

    That's great your daughter feels free to talk with you about what she really thinks and not just parrot what she thinks you want her to say.

    Ditto this!!

    Lot of trust your daughter is showing you.

    Peace again,


  • laverite

    Lots of wonderful feedback on this thread for Soso. Always try to be calm and just don't freak out. This will keep your child talking to you. It is so important that she feels free to tell you what she's really thinking rather than what she thinks you want to hear from her (as others have pointed out!!!). Soooo important. Try to keep her doing that by keeping the lines of communication open by not scaring her away. Let her know how much you appreciate her sharing her thoughts and feelings with you. It's a wonderful thing that she trusts you so much.

  • watson
    That's great your daughter feels free to talk with you about what she really thinks and not just parrot what she thinks you want her to say.

    Hear, hear!!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I remember it so clearly right now even through it is 45 years latter when I was just five years old asking my mom where Jehovah came from. My mom gave me the same answer you were going to give your daughter that Jehovah always existed and it was just the way it is.

    I remember everything about that conversation so clearly till this day, where we were what was going on around us, etc. It made no sense to me, I could not wrap my mind around what my mom was saying it was totally crazy to me. I will never forget it. When I questioned her my mom more she just got really mad at me and told me to shut up.

    I thought something was wrong with me for years because everyone else seemed to get it especially at the KH all the adults seemed to think the same way my mom did. I truly thought I was mentally ill at that small age because I just could not understand the way everyone else thought.


  • Phizzy

    I think it is morally wrong to force unsupportable beliefs upon children, they deserve the truth, even if that is "I choose to believe in God, but there is no proof that He exists".

    You havn't "taken God away from her", the clever, adorable, thinking little girl with a brain never had god.

    Just be thankful that with thinking skills like that she will be safe from so many scams and so much heartache that others go through that do not have such skills and ability.

  • cofty

    "Out of the mouths of babes....."

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