My 8 year old daughter tells me she is an atheist...???

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  • sosoconfused

    So since we have not been to a meeting in 6 months or so, I decided to ask my daughter (on the way home from cheerleading practice - yeah I can't believe I am letting her engage in such a worldly activity lol) if she misses going to the kingdom hall. She says sometimes because she can't see her friend - but she has made new friends so it doesn't bother her too much. So I ask her, "Well, what about learning about Jehovah? Do you miss that?"

    She says to me in the calmest tone,"No... not really" I was a little bothered at first so I asked her why not. She said, "I don't understand how Jehovah can be exist... everything needs to start from somewhere - so who made him? You said that no one did, but I learned IN SCIENCE CLASS that everything has a beginning. So if everything has a beginning who created Jehovah - whoever created him should be God."

    I tried to fumble through the whole "well he always existed and we can't comprehend it because we are humans" thing.

    She says with authority, "That makes no sense Dad, but if you say so I will listen to you - but I don't believe it makes any sense."

    How can you possibly be mad with this child. She made me feel like a complete jack wagon.

  • Satanus

    Too funny.


  • Iamallcool

    It must be nice to be jehovah. (sorry if I am derailing the topic)

  • iCeltic

    Best thing you can do is stop talking about invisible beings that may or may not exist. Good on her for using her mind to work things out :)

  • Scully

    Good for her.

    Good for you too.

  • sosoconfused

    i swear I felt stupid describing something like this to her knowing my answer makes no sense...

    this is really difficult to put in words the inner turmoil it creates. My wife laughs and thinks its perfectly normal. I have no idea why it bothers me so much

  • MrFreeze

    All children are born as atheists. She sounds like a smart kid.

  • Berengaria

    They are too young to be dealing with such issues at this age. One of my big beefs with the JW's. There was no reason in the world for children to hear the same complicated, scary, (boring), discussions that the adults did.

  • laverite

    Wow! SMART child!!!!

  • iCeltic

    Soso, it bothered me for a long time and still occasionally does, I wish it didn't. I know what you mean. I think years of jw mind control is to blame. That and the whole understanding of god from mans point of view makes no logical sense.

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