100 things I learned from watching "The Prodigal Son" DVD

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  • problemaddict

    30) Leaving a womans home in the middle of the night and crying after having sex are completely normal.

    31) A JW maintains even their garage in the strictest of order. Contractor? Even MORE orderly!

    32) The "city" is dangerous.

  • juanvazquez88

    where can i see this movie?? it seems really funny!!

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    200 000 dollar home would be a hovel where I live! Try 700k home. That's what they live in by my city's standards.

  • joe134cd

    Ok as in my previous posts (and I know I am setting myself up to be shot at) I'm going to say that I realy enjoyed the movie. I thought the movie sets were good and believable. The camera work and the use of lighting was excellent. The acting(well for a bunch of armatures) was to a high standard. The one who I think played his character the best was the farther. I wish my old man was like that. I think this is the best piece of literature they have turned out so far, and I would hate to think of the quality films the will be turning out in another 10 years from now. I do agree that as far as the plot goes some of it was a bit over the top (e.g getting a job with no qualifications), but hey that is what drama is all about. Out of 10 (bearing in mind it's not a Hollywood production on a limited budget)I would give it a 9 and for effort it would be 10/10. But on saying that I don't think it would be enough to change my mind about TTATT.

  • maninthemiddle

    I just found another link, don't know who posted it.




    Yes , they are getting better. It was still very comparable to an after-school special. I loved the interviews with the "actors", that's where the cult behavior shows the most. It was all an act! A 1 1/2 hour long commercial for the WTBTS. Jw.org, their literature booth in South America, the JWstore that looks like an Apple store, it's all advertising! They are as commercial as it gets. I really hate the JW.org logo at the evd of the kids videos. Blatant product placement.

    They are all blinded by the rafter in their own eye.

  • iCeltic

    Julia - yeah and the rest, I thought that house was way, way over $1 mill. There's two bed apartments in Sydney worth over 1 mill. These are seriously rich j dubs.

  • losingit

    Sir82, #24 is spot on! !!

    Ace Ventura, Pet Detective LOL

  • Heartofaboy

    I've got to watch this when I get home tonight.........this will be my face

    I recall when I was a young twenty something in the 1970's there was a part at the circuit assembly that said a young person would only leave home if they got married.

    I'd already left home & was paying a mortgage on my first home.

    The elders expected me to move back in with my parents & siblings.............I'd still be living with them as I have never married!

    Boy I've heard some rubbish over the years from the 'faithful slave'.........& it seems they are still spouting it.

    What about the JW's that put off having children many years ago because the end was so close, many lived to bitterly regret listening the twerps that spouted that at the assemblies

  • jgnat

    "When working for a big company, the more you give the more they take." - might that be projection?

    Here's a lesson from real life - when working for a big company, you'll have a benefits package that will take care of your teeth, eyes, and medical.

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