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  • gingerbread

    "Shirley's" link on page two of this thread is the more likely real reason for the new completion date.

    I keep having to remind myself that the leadership of this Org. is REACTIONARY and not proactive. They now have an official move out date for major buildings in Brooklyn... So, it's giddy-up time for all the volunteers!

  • Oubliette

    $375 Million / 7 million JWs = $53.57 million per publisher!

    And that's just the most recent RE transaction.

  • sir82

    $375 Million / 7 million JWs = $53.57 million per publisher!

    The answer is $53.57 per publisher - no "million".

  • Stealth

    I seem to remember from when WT first purchased the property that there was another owner or potential owner who backed out because of nickle contamination in the soil from a previous WWII factory at that location and there were some cost issues to abate the contamination.

    On that it would be nice to see the EPA get involved and slow down the project!

    I know someone who lives in Warwick but can't call them for details since I am an evil apostate. I was told by this person once that the town is so picky about thier image they wouldn't allow mcdonads to build there.

    If the no preaching is true, the local congregation would have to know at some point since they hold the territory maps. Those publishers would have to be told something about not preaching there anymore.

    If someone was inclined, they could call some of the city councel memebers and act like a reporter doing a story, ask a few questions about the WT building project and then ask how the city will handle the hundreds of door knockers once they move there. Might be able to get some confirmation directly from the source.

  • Vidiot
    Stealth - "On that it would be nice to see the EPA get involved and slow down the project!"

    Oh, I don't know.

    Typically, when an authoritarian high-control group reaches a point where it withdraws into a semi-rural compound/community, further marginilization, extremism, and decline (or even self-destruction) almost always follows.

    The Warwick move could definately be construed as a possible indicator of that pattern, especially if Patterson's and Walkill's functions are eventually consolidated into Warwick as well (and subsequently sold off).

    Sometimes all the the guy in the black hat needs to be given is just enough rope to hang himself on.

  • Adventurousone

    Hello Stuckinamovement:

    I think the WTBTS is hoping out of sight out of mind. They want us to forget all about them. Fat chance. We won't forget and we won't stop helping others to get out of there. Either by our comments we make on this forum, or others, or by talking to those that are held captive. As long as were alive we won't stop. So watch out WTBTS because were coming for you.


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