Fed up with the way JWs treat those who can no longer believe

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  • hotspur

    My favourite uncle died about two years ago (non-witness) and my mother couldn't tell me This year (Valentine's Day as it happened) another uncle died (92) and I found out by reading the 'hatch, match, despatch' section of the local newspaper on-line of where I used to live. I'm furious, as I would've liked to have paid my last respects to them both.

    Earlier today I went round to the Cathedral Square of the city where I work for some lunch and I had the misfortune to sit near to an Ol'Boy witnessing to some people who were too polite to respond. He kept going on about truth. It was more than I could stand and I went into total anti-witness mode.... . So, in front of these others, I asked him just what is truth? Hmmm... interesting.

    His take on any single thing was that Satan had got hold of me. I said, "there are some Church people over there (by the Cathedral Portal) who say the same about you!" He was on about 1914 and the signs of the times... nothing ever been like it before. "What about the Bubonic Plaque throughout Europe? What about Genghis Khan and his march/conquest across Asia". Apparently, I'm not to believe all that! "Satan's tricks"

    An eye-opener to these other people! I then couldn't hold back from expressing my disgust that my mother, sister and daughter are unable to talk to me and yet 'you' don't break up families! He must be an elder cos I mentioned about the UN scandal and the letters that were circulated at that time. He said he would look into it as he had access to them all.

    I tried the well known "millions now living will never die' got changed to "millions now living may never die" idea. He completely missed the notion the Society changed it to suit their stance. His response, "Quite true, millions may never die" - FUTILE!

    Still, I felt better - and the couple who he had 'cornered' thanked me and walked off! Just wish I could've given it a bit more thought and constructive approach to refuting his claims rather than the impromptu rebuttal he got from me.

    Oh... and I never left off reading stuff here - just been trying to fall back and recapture my heart and mind.

    [Edited... adding 'earlier today' rather than 'a while ago']

  • cantleave

    I am so sorry you have been denied the courtesy to pay your last respects.

    You did well with you anti-witnessing.

    BTW-you have a PM

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi hotspur, Congratulations on helping to prevent non-JWs from being deceived and recruited by JWs.

    Asking a couple of simple questions of JWs who are proselytising to non-JWs will at least save more non-JWs from being victimized by the WTBTS. Most non-JWs would appreciate hearing how JWs shun exJW relatives and friends, how the WTBTS taught/teaches JWs how to rationalize how to lie/deceive/hid the full-truth (i.e., "Theocratic Warfare Strategy") from non-JWs, how the WTBTS victimizes victims of child molestation/abuse to protect the image of the WTBTS, how the WTBTS promotes that JWs must not except whole blood and die or be shunned by JWs, how the WTBTS uses BITE control techniques to victimize JWs, about the WTBTS's failed prophecies, and how the WTBTS's doctrines have flipped/flopped over the years.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Adventurousone

    Hello Hotspur:

    Sorry for not being able to show your last respects to your family members. It was their loss too. Good for you talking to the witness and trying to straighten him out. At least you gave a witness to the people that were sitting with him and whoever else may of heard. So good for you. You probably feel better knowing that the people that he was talking to probably won't sign up to be a witness.


  • villagegirl

    This old fart didn't get it at all , the millions who were supposed

    to never die were those living in 1919 when the pamphlet was writtien

    and talk were given by Rutherford at the Cedar Point Convention, it was

    directed at people old enough in 1919 to read and understand the pamphlet,

    the avaerage age was 30 years at that Cedar Point 1919 convention,

    meaning they were borin in 1889 and would now be

    124 years old. The details count and making the jw actually see the lie.

    But most reasoning is not able to penetrate the shell of delusion.

  • 3rdgen

    Hotspur, OMG, I was about to start a similar thread! Hubby and i are not Dfed or DAed nor have we ever said a word about disblief to ANY fam member. Yet, I have had 2 uncles (Both JW) die without anyone telling me. I can accept that my family doesn't want us at their reunions, campouts.,weddings etc. but not tell me about DEATHS???? One of these uncles was in my parents will to be my guardian should they both die. I dearly loved him so to find out via the "grapevine" months after the fact really hurt. The thing I try to remember is that I was spared suffering through 2 Witness memorials/informercials. You were too.

  • Vidiot

    Authoritarians love to punish.

  • wordyword

    I am literally about to crack up. I was a witness for 40 years. I left around 3 years ago. My parents are both elderly and my mother is in very bad health. After the latest round of articles dealing with disfellowshiping, my father has told me that unless I go back to the meetings, he never wants to see me again. I have experienced / viewed so much injustice, heartache and emotional bullying to last a lifetime.

    He went down the "your not in it for the people - but for Jehovah" path, but when I told him it wasn't just that, he started fishing.

    i said that I had a number of doubts, things were not adding up for me at all. What doubts? Blood, 1914, 607, governing body, the way child abuse cases are handled, to name but a few.

    I also said that I still believed the main core that J.W's teach, ransom, condition of the dead, etc and didn't want to throw the baby out with the bath water but needed time to think.

    I apparently am now an apostate and was told to leave the house and never come back until I repent and return to Jehovah's organisation. My mother is ill over all of this and quite frankly, so am I. The latest disfellowshiping article in the Watchtower says you can't even send an email to a disfellowshipped family member and dad is sticking to his guns.

    What on earth am I supposed to do? I know that they are committed, been witnesses for 62 years and are normally quite balanced people. This black and white, Jehovah's table or table of demons with no room to manoeuvre mentality is quite frankly insane. However, I go to bed every night wondering if I am ever going to see my parents again and this is totally wrong. If anything, god forbid, happens to mam, I know I'll get the blame.

    Can anyone offer any advice please?

  • losingit

    I look forward to the opportunity to give a witness just like you did.

  • ABibleStudent

    wordyword - Can anyone offer any advice please?

    Hi wordyword, How about introduce yourself to JWN members and tell everyone about your experiences? More JWN members will greet you and offer you advice when you threads subject is "Hi a Newbie Here" or something like that. Also, if you have specific questions in the future, you can start your own thread and ask for advice.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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