Fed up with the way JWs treat those who can no longer believe

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Hotspur I am so sorry the way you have been treated . I wonder if more of us will be seeing this kind of treatment too . What happened to necessary family business ???

  • hotspur

    Thanks for all the thoughts here...

    ... I am disfellowshipped but the circumstances were, in a way, forced upon me. (I am in control of ALL my actions so there really is no excuse in the end- it's all down to me)

    However consider this...

    In 2002 I discovered my, then 14 year old, daughter was not mine. My wife had an affair but, although some JWs had an idea of this never told me - which I suppose is fair enough in a way. But, they shold have informed the elders according to their rules! You can imagine, this marriage broke down although we did try to fix it but to no avail. I 'looked elsewhere' and ended up living with a delightful lady who is now my wife. Marriage wasn't possible earlier because I couldn't get a divorce. A way to control me into 'returning?

    I was 'disciplined' for my adulterous behaviour/marriage and was 'disfellowshipped' because I wasn't repentant! However, it was never public knowledge as to what my ex did, she was repentant and has remained a witness in good standing. In the end I did make it known to all and sundry EXACTLY what she did! Why shouldn't I?

    Where does this leave me? Basically, I never want to have anything to do with JWs and am disgusted by their lies and child abuse scandals, etc,. So, now none of my relatives (aside from my 'daughter' and my son who are no longer witnesses) will have anything to do with me. But, and this is really bad bit (as if it could get worse) my ex can still associate with my mother, daughter and sister... although only her daughters want anything to do with her. The irony of all this? My mother has met my (present) wife before I was chucked out and thinks the world of her and knows we are ideally suited. Did she come to our wedding? Nope.... too much to lose and it wouldn't be right! Neither did my sister although all my children did. My middle child did get on ok with my wife before the 'Christian' organization of JWs 'redadjusted' her thinking powers. Now there is no contact. I even have a new grand-daughter whom I have never met!

    What happened to 'family business' somebody asked. I think that was trumped by the old statement, "we should treat them as if they have died".

    When you get down to the nitty, gritty of that monstrous statement what it really means is they have killed us. Let's not runaway from this... this basic idea stems from an older publications which likened the treatment of apostates to stoning back in Israelite times. I remember them writing, "but, of course, it is wrong to do that but we can treat them as dead to us" --- Murderous bunch of half-wits!

  • punkofnice

    Hotspur. What a bladdy typical response from a 'mind cleansed(TM)' cult member.

    Seriously, if it isn't in the watchtower(R) they make any old crap up to suit their cult world view.

    It's good that you were able to unwitness though. I wonder who the joho was!?

  • hotspur

    Punkofnice... I thought you might know him? Did you see my PM?

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