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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hi all, Here's an interesting FB exchange I had yesterday. Names have been changed. I'll give a brief Dramatis Personae and then see what you JWNers think of this. Watch for the threat, the switch from rebuttal to attack, and how the inactive JWs speak compared to the Active one. Please also tell me if what I right is unreasonable or negative. Julia: Me Inactive JW 1: a sister who had a horrendous time when her [ex]husband molested their son. He is in good standing and she is being shunned for making a big deal out of this crime. Inactive JW 2: 10 years out, knows enough TTATT to know it's a man made religion, yet on census forms she'll identify as a JW, but won't have a bar of most JWs. Active JW Convert: About 40 years old, I've known her since she started studying over a decade ago. She came to my wedding a few years ago and we've kept up on FB. She's a magical thinker: the fact her mother hates JWs and is also unhinged and these combined factors have caused her to be very nasty to Active JW Convert and her 6 kids- but it's ALL Satan, all the time. One of her kids was also interfered with by someone in the cong, but it was 'dealt with' and she didn't see the need to go to the police: it was Satan. FACEBOOK: Julia's timeline update. Julia: Why can't anyone get hold of new NWT Bibles? I thought it was just here, but JWs I know in America and that can't get them for love nor money either!! What's going on?

    • Inactive JW 1: Odd. I have no clue. But that's weird. Unless the fact we had 9 releases at the convention they stopped printing and ran out?
    • Julia: They got one of the biggest printing businesses in the world totally run with free labour. That can't be the reason. These bibles have been out of stock at least 6 months.
    • Inactive JW 1: Oh wow. I really haven't heard anything. Revision?
    • Julia: Probably. It would be about time. Its awkward phrasing makes it a chore to read.
    • Active JW Convert: A chore to read?? Are you serious? I'm dumbfounded you would say that... And why bring up "Free labour" ?? Those that give their time to the printing work are extremely well housed and well fed... I doubt any would consider they work for free....
    • Inactive JW 2 [partial TTATT] Of course they work free
    • Active JW Convert: All those who work in the JW printing factories receive board at bethel... They live in beautiful residences which are housecleaned and receive beautiful meals, have their clothes washed & pressed, etc. AND enjoy peaceful work conditions while completely surrounded by strong Spiritual people, I know several people who "work Free" and they not only consider it a privilege to do so but feel indebted for being able to experience it.
    • Inactive JW 1: Free labor or not is there an actual shortage of bibles? I haven't tried to get one in years. I didn't see any stacks of them at the convention. I believe the chore to read was sarcasm about revisions.
    • Julia: Um, Active JW Convert, how many bethelites do you know? I know heaps [exes on this board]. They live pretty simply and who do you think presses the clothes and cook the meals? Other bethelites who work hard, don't get many holidays:it's two weeks a year unlike most jobs with 4, and t hey're not free to come and go like we are. They have strict rules governing what the do and wear during their spare time and they are often put on housekeeping and other dreary jobs for years. And the Nwt is awkward to read. Compare it with the new revised standard edition or the king James. Read the interlinears too. As an English teacher I have a flair for language and am qualified to make linguistic comparisons. I'm not disrespecting the nwt just saying have a look at other versions with a better command of the English language and compare it and the nwt to Strong's Greek or the interlinears.
    • Active JW Convert: Julia.. I seriously don't know what's going on with you .... but I will tell you that I'm absolutely offended by your constant negativity toward our organisation, our translation of the bible, The origin of Jehovah's name and your outspoken personal v iews ... I don't know what your [sic] trying to prove .. What your [sic] trying to search for .. But if you don't believe in what you once used to then you need to make a choice, before it is made for you. I will pray for you....
    • Julia: I'm sorry to offend you Active JW Convert. The organization is not perfect; they'll admit that themselves. It's a shame though if you don't think everything's just fine and dandy, you are labeled a trouble maker and shunned by people who only just yesterday said they'd die for you. No, the nwt isn't an easy read. That's a fact, not a fault finding. Much of the bible is difficult to read. Facts are facts and neither positive or negative: they just are. Re origin of YHWH or JHVH, that information can be found anywhere in any scholarly work. The Watchtower too. What do you mean by a choice made for me?


    And at this point she unfriended me with no explanation.

    I told Hubby all about it and he reckons it's not worth bothering to message her to ask why. A couple of months ago I would have been devastated, but now I just think, "Another bites the dust."

    I know this theme is repeated so much, but I'd really appreciate it to have your 5 cents worth just to know if I'm being too harsh on JWs.

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  • whathappened

    I do not think you said anything wrong, of course I am a rabid apostate. Let her go off and live happily ever after in her beloved cult.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    That's the plan. The thing that surprises me is that I'm so sanguine about it all. I think I really must be healing.

  • Honesty

    I think you handled the self righteous JW convert very well.

    She did you a huge favor by unfriending you.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Julia, You did very well.

    The convert thinks she did very well.

    Last summer I was crying , missing my conditional friends so much.

    This summer, I have more of an uncluttered mind and am thinking straight for the first time.

    People who don't value my/our friendship because I/we don't want to have "GB Restrictions" on my/our thinking process, it is their loss.

    Those are my thoughts.

    Just Lois

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    typical response. So much for "defending the word".

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    She never did address the question of why Watchtower BIBLE and Tract Society has no BIBLES anymore.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Bless your little cotton socks all!

    I'm starting to make true friends now. Someone I worked with years ago wants to catch up with me, and I've got a lady who comes around regularly to see my birds, and we're hitting it off. Also I've rekindled a friendship that never really died out, with a friend from uni of over a decade, and met some of my husband's old pre-jw life friends. It's amazing! These people don't care what your religious beliefs are or were.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hey Billy and Wha Happened, I'm really starting to notice the JW general avoidance of answering questions. I noticed it too when I was 'in' and the householder asked a Q and my witnessing partners would go off on a tangent. At least I tried to give them an honest, well thought out answer.

  • zeb

    get her a job at Bethel cleaning toilets or navvying in the kitchen.

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