What piece of WT literature is worth holding onto, or have you kept? Why?

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  • JWOP

    I still have one of their Bibles for reference purposes. I also still have the 2009 Watchtower Library CD ROM installed on my computer, also for reference purposes.

  • Ding

    I've kept The Finished Mystery, Millions Now Living Will Never Die, and most of the Rutherford books, as well as the Kingdom Interlinear.

    The reason I keep this stuff is to help JWs learn TTATT.

    It's hard for them to argue about WT history when you show them the original publications.

    I also have the Reasoning book.

    With all the "new light" that's fast becoming "old light."

    Please don't throw the old books away... or key WTs and Awakes.

    You never know how they might impact a JW who has been fed nothing but the revisionist history of the WTS.

    All very embarrassing stuff for the organization that claims to be Jehovah's channel of communication...

  • shopaholic

    Tossed everything except the little NWT, a large print NWT, Illuminators book and a Bible Stories book. Held on to a song book, reasoning book and proclaimers book for a while but then got disgusted at the sight of them and to the trash they went.

  • Odrade

    Pioneer books (1st and 2nd ed. My husband and I attended pio. sch. one year apart, in between which a revised version was released. '88/'89?)

    An Interlinear (the Navy one, I had the purple one for comparison of the appendices on the cross, but the purple one has disappeared,)

    several brochures, (education, blood,)

    the WT printed American Standard Version bible,

    an old 1946 booklet "The Prince of Peace," which is the text of a convention Keynote. I find it most interesting for the cover art, which is quite dissimilar to the usual WT style.

    And Marley Cole's book "Jehovah's Witnesses" which I keep around because I remember all copies being pulled out of libraries at the Kingdom Hall, and this one was in my dad's personal library, which I borrowed about 20 years ago and unintentionally retained.

    Over the years, everything else has been disposed of either through this forum, or via the Waste Management Recycling Depot.

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