What piece of WT literature is worth holding onto, or have you kept? Why?

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  • losingit

    I have basically thrown away all of my bound volumes and loose WT and Awake magazines. I kept some bpoks, the Insight to the Scriptures, God's Love, the Reasoning book, and Daniel's Prophecies (this was my favorite) . I held onto Insight to the Scriptures after reading some of Ray Franz's book, Crisis of Conscience. The other books were more from sentimental reasons. I really studied that Reasoning book. I wanted to be an excellent publisher and actually use the Scriptures effectively. Are there any books that you kept? Why?

  • donny

    I kept my Revelation book because of all the marking and notes I put in it. It reminds me how jacked up I was at the time.

  • losingit

    I got rid of my Revelation book by accident. I wanted to hold onto it because I thought a lot of the content was outrageous. But I ended up putting it in a box of books I gave to a used book store.

  • jgnat

    Anything that is not on the CD.

  • Londo111

    I’ve the Revelation and Daniel books on my kitchen table…primarily because they are good ammunition if I ever need them.

  • alanv

    For me it was the Revelation book. I was a book study conductor and as I was going through the book with the sheep I was realizing there really was so much in there that was complete rubbish. Beginning of the end for me.

  • sd-7

    I've kept everything I took with me when I moved out of my parents' place nearly 4 years ago. I'm not really sure why. I don't read them anymore, except occasionally for reference purposes. Some of my old books are even on my wife's 'theocratic bookshelf' if you will.

    The fact is, as long as I'm still married (probably until death, I suppose), I'm still tethered to the JWs. There will likely be more situations in which I may actually bring their literature with me (like when I attend a random meeting because the Mrs. needs someone to watch the kids while she gives a talk). But that's not really a valid statement, either, as I would probably just bring my NIV Bible with me and no literature, since it's so much easier to see how nonsensical it is using the Bible alone. Seriously, try it--with a Bible alone at a meeting, it's amazing how much you realize is just in the literature and not at all in the Bible. (No, don't try it, why would you do that? That's crazy.)

    I think I haven't moved on fully. It was a part of most of my life. I can leave, but throw away souvenirs from 20+ years of my life? Even as horrible as it still feels inside, to have been fooled, it's a part of my history. Maybe if I'm ever truly free of it all, maybe then, a glorious bonfire, like a Darth Vader funeral pyre or something...but until then...


  • abbasgreta

    Trashed EVERTHING in 2 days. Even pio illuminators (yeh right) copy. Kept finding stuff 'lurking' up to about 3 months after, destroyed immediately. However, had great fun for about an hour checking out the subliminals in the care brochure. Who is that lurking in the garden in a shroud on the inside cover? Freaky. Had a DA invite last year and ceremonially burnt it in a tin can. Best was tearing up like a mad-woman my NWT with venom. Hubby has kept doodle of him as suited, shaven headed slave made by younger daughter at last DA sleeping with head resting on hand. He now has piercings, a rocker beard and long hair. Now we worship in shorts, vest tops and flip flops (no pun intended!)

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    I enjoy having a hard copy of Worldwide Security Under the "Prince of Peace", where on pg. #10 it clearly states Jesus is not the Mediator for the Great Crowd.

    Why? Because many JWs don't even know that's what they're required to believe or else face disfellowshipping.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I did photocopy the entire elders book, before I gave it back. It took me a long time.

    Nowadays its so easy to get a copy on the internet.

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