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  • AnnOMaly

    D2D is so ineffective, even the Mormons are moving away from it.

  • sspo

    As mentioned most are kids raised in the org. being pressured at 12-13-14 to take the dip. If that figure is true you do not see it in the western or industrialized country but might be coming from poor country such as Africa. Still believe it's a made up figures.


    Speaking of D2D, who went out of the 4th of July? LOL!! I had to laugh when I heard that announced. Just give people a moments peace!! Why is it always the ones who need saving/help the most, that believe they have to save everyone else?

    I have known very few people to ever become a JW because of a Bible study. Even then, they had a mate who was a born-in, or an inactive one. We did have a really nice guy coming to our KH for a while as an Elder's Bible study. I was thinking of putting a JWfacts flyer on his windshield. Then he just disappeared.. How many hours were counted trying to convert that guy?..

    The D2D service is a control, and a recognizable feature of the JW brand. They say nothing can ever replace the D2D work because it's what Jesus did. Well, back then it was common to walk around from one area to the next and Jesus preached where he went, it's that simple. He preached everywhere. How many JW's will go to a campus or Government building or neighboring church and actually reason with a crowd about God's Kingdom? Jesus did what was the most effective thing, he was not setting a rule that Christians must preach D2D.

    The GB will toss it as revenues drop. Then nu-lite (tm) will flash forth, and they will say that Jesus and the Apostles did what was most effective to reach people with the life saving rescue work! The scene of the world is changing. Due to Satan's blinding worldly people with materialism, they are seldom home, even for evening witnessing. So the ever progressive, forward moving Org has adapted like Jah's celestial chariot! BYE-BYE time tested and sacred D2D work.... Just give it time and this is what service will look like:

    Here's Elder Vondoitall making sure the group is productive!

  • Gayle

    GGG,, could you please give us a report or observation tomorrow, about how many got baptized and what percentage are JW youth?

  • prologos

    no sane person would

    from being visited at her/his door follow the boring Question and Answer routine and then

    even THINK of becoming a witness realising

    she/he will be soon be

    GOING DOOR TO DOOR herself*

    House holders think JW are nuts,

    house holders do not want to join the Circus, the roaming asylum.

    baptism? born ins from parents that were first contacted by good personality jw workmate.

  • Vidiot
    punklofnice - "Rubbish. When I was attending the baptisms I'd say 99 to 100% of the 'candidates(TM)' were born ins."

    What if it was informal witnessing to born-ins?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Personally, I think I've known more that have left because of D2D than have joined because of it. It is such a waste of time and fuel.

    Back in Russell's day, there were still lots of door-to-door based businesses. Now it seems intrusive to knock on stranger's doors without an appointment.

  • Oubliette

    There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies and statistics! - Mark Twain referring to a remark attributed to Disraeli

  • Laika

    What cantleave said, the D2D work is terrible at producing new converts, but it's very effective at keeping current members busy in the Witness community and thus keeping them in the religion.

  • GromitSK

    I brought someone in from D2D (to my regret).

    I can see a number of benefits to the Washtowel society:

    1 JWs buy lots of mags which they pay for up front (or used to when I was enslaved);

    2 It increases the pressure on individuals - it can be stressful and the push-back can be used to justify themselves - the old persecution thing;

    3 it keeps people busy, busy people have less time to think for themselves.

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