My Last thoughts in Field Service Before the Elderly Man Shat Himself and Pissed his pants in My New Car!

by PokerPlayerPhil 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sowhatnow

    no one over the age of 70 should go out i service. [god, how embarrassing these poor elderly women with their hideous legs in knee high stockings... struggling to get out of the car. only to stumble with a presentation at the one door they got to go to in the whole morning]

    did not the levites retire at 70? since jws think they are part of an [imitation] nation of Israel , then they should retire from the 'temple' at age 70 and go home and play with their cats

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    did not the levites retire at 70?

    (Numbers 8:25) . . .But after the age of fifty years he will retire from the service company and serve no longer.

    Jws shouldn't go in Field service after 50, it's scriptural.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Eric post, hilarious ! Once went out with asn elderly couple I have known since childhood.

    The brother stepped in some dog crap and then came back into my car, hehe ! Good thing I still hade my rubber winter carpets and that it was a rainy day, was so funny. Him being German and the way he acted made it even better. Good memories, going to drive out and see them this summer.

  • Heaven

    What disturbs me in the OP is that the daughter forgot to put Dad's Depends (aka disposable underpants) on. Ok, I looked after my Father who needed these and I NEVER forgot to do that... I don't understand how you could.

  • hoser
    The issue here is why are the elderly guilted in to going door to door when they shouldn't be due to health reasons.

    How sad! This poor old dub has been lied to his whole life about the panda petting paradise. On top of that he's guilted into performing works for Jerkhoober and shits his pants!

    This poor old man should be at home, feeding squirrels or napping. This is just another example of the WTBTS assholes doing whatever they can to rob someone of their dignity!

    The assholes will probably want his property and jewelry when he dies.


  • sparrowdown

    Well said DD, how sad for this poor man. This religion is heartless and cruel expecting so much of it's elderly.

  • FayeDunaway
    That woman should stop pioneering and just take care of her dad.
  • rebel8

    omg. So gross. Poor guy--how humiliating.

    I once found a partially full orange juice bottle, the rest of the contents having baked onto the upholstery over the prior day and night.

    I was told I was materialistic for being concerned about how to get the stain out. This was one of many red flags about the borg.

  • PokerPlayerPhil

    ROFLMAO! I saw some 50 something elder slamming(like 10 times) someone's Toyota (Their seat-belts are notorious loose on 1999-2007 models Minivans, Tundras and SUVs) because it would not close, he bent the brother's brand new Sequoia's door! Next week in Field Service 90 year old brother-cranky ass backed up in to the POs Toyota(Same car!) and drove off after looking at the impression he made! Don't feel bad for the older Elder because I was not the only car he shat in, he did relieve himself on the front lawn or corner of the householders home frequently. He was a total asshole to people when I was a kid, his loud and obnoxious mouth ran almost as much as his bowels, not a nice man so don't feel bad for him! So many good points here, I started laughing from the start and when I read Cappy's post, it brought back all them good Field Service memories!

    "Worst one I ever saw was an older sister getting out of someone's car, not looking behind her as she slams the door shut, and catches the seat belt buckle in the door. Not satisfied with that she opens the door again and gives it another almighty slam shut, catching the buckle a second time.

    Dented both the door and the bodywork, not that she was bothered"


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