My Last thoughts in Field Service Before the Elderly Man Shat Himself and Pissed his pants in My New Car!

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Debating this was going to be the last day in Field Service was not hard after dealing with a nasty mess because I was grouped with the misfits of the Kingdom Hall! I was reading this website on my phone while something started to stink in my car and one of the weird kids nobody wanted to work with yelled "Hey, you leaking all over my seat, he was freaked out too!" The older, retired elder, his Pioneer daughter had forgotten to put his Depends on and that became my problem. The sisters in my car were too busy talking or ignored the grumbling stomach, after abdominal warnings like Mt St Helens this old man shat his pants and pissed all over my new mini-van! We went back to the Kingdom Hall to get him cleaned up, there were two elders who set my arrangements up and I dumped him off on them. They never left the Kingdom Hall, it was a hour and a half and these two big mouth Elders were standing around, counting time because "people could see them as they drove past them", I said "I need to get this car cleaned out before it stains my car!" The elders as stupid as usual, said "hey, we can spray some Windex on your seats and I have some RVs we can do, it's only water!" That's the mentality of our JW Elders, their so good at destroying your property, using up your gasoline and putting people who don't belong in Field Service in your Car Groups they themselves would never take!

    What experiences did you have in Field Service, did you ever have anyone shat their pants or spill things in your car? Did you have little devils destroying your cars, did they poke holes in your leather seats or plaster their chewing gum all over your carpet? How did they dispose of their unwanted lunch snacks "healthy Mom" brought besides puking all over your car? Did these little goblins tuck their fruits or Lunchables in spots were they rotted?

    What good old times in Field Service did you have, was it Spiritual Paradise or Physical Hell? The Watchtowers Leaders have no reality and I hope they go Bankrupt, so tired of losers destroying the property of people who care? I must have had the sign on my back saying "Please put all the mentally ill people in my car-group and if they can't control their lower bodily functions add them too! I love misery, the more freaky, the better!".

    How did we deal with this so long, OMG!

  • FayeDunaway

    I feel really bad for the old guy, it can't be fun to lose your bodily functions and your dignity. But I also am sorry for you and your new car. Might stink for a while, I hope it didn't get soaked in too deep, eww.

    well, if it's your last day in service, you can go out with a declarative 'I've had enough of this #£*%!!'

  • Splash

    What drives me mad is when the kids lean up against your car with all their coat zips and buttons scuffing the paintwork.

    I've never known a collection of people so deficient in common sense.

    Another (slightly related) example of stupidity, we were out in FS one day when a thunderstorm came out of nowhere - masses of rain, it came down in buckets.
    Some of us saw it coming and had just enough time to run back to the car.
    Others just stood like post boxes in the rain, getting drenched through, even though there were phone boxes and bus shelters nearby.
    One sister just stood sobbing as the rain poured through her coat and clothes.

    That was the end of FS that day and the soaked through ones were looking for lifts back into town.

    Not in my car thanks, soaking the upholstery. I shot off before they got near enough to ask.

  • stuckinarut2


    I have had the experience of the selfish elder insisting that we take MY car into the farm areas over broken roads etc because he DIDNT WANT TO USE HIS!

    Selfish Git!

  • SG098

    I feel your pain PokerPlayerPhil. You have to remember that a good chunk of JWs are not used to nice things...remember their mindset is, the end is going to happen any day now; so what's the point of nice things or even new/newer things?

    Again, remember some of them drive around in beaters that could break down any day now because they were swayed from getting an education or taking that job promotion. Plus with the latest b0rg money begging scheme, these people are broke. So many JWs see nice cars and like them, but not nice enough to respect.

  • cappytan

    I gotta say, I like working "rural" territory (farm areas). If the company's decent, you've got more time to chit-chat, laugh, joke, drink coffee, and if you really get lucky and get the right partner, listen to some non-kingdom tunes on the ride. Not to mention how easy it is to count your time doing that kind of territory.

    My former pioneer partner and I used to work together every day. He was a little off because he had to take all these meds for some chronic illness. He couldn't drive because of the meds, and we were also the only two brothers that were pioneering. So, we always worked together. We became fast friends and I felt bad that others didn't look past his quirkiness. Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn cranked up to full blast on the back country dirt roads of, those were some of the good times.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    One of the things I hardly ever did, was to stand on the corner somewhere holding up the magazines. I always thought that was really dumb. Now they are all doing it and pulling there produce from corner to corner in wheeley bins.
  • OneFingerSalute


    It sounds like you may have been in the same vehicle I was.

    Older guy gets out in someone's private yard to throw a whiz, and the strain of doing that causes him to shlt his pants. Then we all got to enjoy the odor going back to town from thirty miles out.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Some of the things I got to enjoy with my vehicle.

    Spilled milk, not told about it, rotten milk smell in the summer. Door panel pulled off when the door was slammed shut. Broken lock for the same reason. Garbage left under the seats, between the seats. Mud tracked in. Never a nickel for gasoline. Cracked window when some idiot used a metal folder to "tap" the window indicating which direction to turn. HI liter writing on the seats by ill behave kids. Broken rear window defroster after bags were all thrown into the rear window deck.

  • Splash

    Worst one I ever saw was an older sister getting out of someone's car, not looking behind her as she slams the door shut, and catches the seat belt buckle in the door. Not satisfied with that she opens the door again and gives it another almighty slam shut, catching the buckle a second time.

    Dented both the door and the bodywork, not that she was bothered.

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