A Cry for Help

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  • Thoughtless

    Backseat Devil (another person who I am familar with),

    I am pretty much independent though, and like I said, I am not very close with my adoptive family. They appreciate my presence but do not appreciate/know MY ESSENCE. I don't open up to them much.

  • Splash


    Don't feel you are under obligation to explain yourself to everyone who are not entitled to pry into your business - take advice from the Insight Book:

    *** it-2 p. 244 Lie ***

    "Lying generally involves saying something false to a person who is entitled to know the truth and doing so with the intent to deceive or to injure him or another person."

    Basis this you can, with a clean conscience, plan your exit strategy and misdirect those who are trying to interfere but have no business in interfering.

    If you are young and still in academia then why not try moving. The change of circumstances and environment will make everything so much more easy.


  • Thoughtless


    For my age, I am known to be seen as precocious, but people still do not listen to me, I guess it is my withdrawn nature. But I am thinking about getting DA'd perhaps. But, you are absolutely right, my future should not be screwed because of this.

  • Thoughtless

    Splash, I am thinking about doing just that. But it was a lot of mess when I decided to go to college. I lost out of 60K scholarship because my mom refused to jump on boat. It took a lot of loops, but I fought for my education.

  • Splash

    Your education is so important. Miss out now and regret it for the rest of your life - just look at the stories on here of those who did just that and now regret it.

    You could always say you intend to join the other lawyers, hedge fund managers, doctors, architects, dentists... in bethel once you have qualified.

    60k is a lot of money, it is also blackmail and control. With a good education you will make that up in a few years.


  • adamah


    You are playing inside a game which you didn't create, and don't set the rules, so don't have any obligation to anyone except yourself (and your brother). You spoke of an exit strategy, which is GREAT, since you don't owe anyone an explanation, even your adopted parents (who likely are NOT going to change, or even support your decision to leave).

    The key is to "stay the course", keep your cards close to your chest, and take the steps needed to ensure YOUR ability to leave the organization in the future (college). Acting slightly nutty is being smart like a fox (in my book), so do whatever you need to do without sacrificing your own morality.

    Like I alluded to, in the final analysis people can only control THEIR actions, take control of their OWN lives, and no one elses. Sad, but it's the truth.

    There's a great big beautiful World out there, and don't let anyone dampen your experiencing it to the fullest of your capabilities! It may not lead you where you'd hope or think, but that's sort of the beauty of life....


  • Thoughtless

    Exactly what I figured when I decided to go. I was pretty good in high school as well. Honor Society (former Student Council VP, but resigned when I got baptized), as well as a lot of other things. This is killing my potential.

  • DesirousOfChange

    maninthemiddle: I think that If I were your age and still in school I would try to stay and help others. . . . . I think in partucular I read the reddit message board where there are lagre percentage of younger people, the common advice is to finish school, use the time to make outside friends and have a place to land when you leave.

    BackSeatDevil: while you're going to school, try to find people who you can be close to and trust, those that will be part of your new network of friends who can eventually (down the road) be a reliable safety net to you once you establish exactly who you are.

    The above is the greatest advice in my opinion. You need to work on an exit strategy. [Emphasis on strategy!] Many here did not have that choice due to circumstances. They were forced out by DFing or by things that necessitated they DA.

    You are in your teens. You are ill prepared to venture out on your own at this point. Building a network outside of the bOrg is important. While going to college, these can be "study partners" since you will be discouraged from making "friends" at school.

    DO NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE WTS OR ABOUT ANY DOUBT THAT YOU HAVE OR ABOUT TTATT TO OTHERS. Doing so will only bring you great trouble and complicate your plan. You can test out your brother's thinking by asking questions only -- start his thinking process.

    Good luck.


  • nugget

    You are young and have time to plan and make a smooth transition. Work on building a life outside the witnesses now. Get your education and do not allow yourself to be discouraged from this. Start making friends outside the organisation who like you for who you are not what you believe. Start moving towards financial independence since if you leave you will be cut off from any support so planning and preparation now will help to reduce pain later. Remember your adoptive family are slaves to a cult but time is on your side since they are waiting for a war that will not come.

  • Splash

    In 20 years time when all of the educated ones in the WTBTS are dead/put out to pasture, they will reverse this teaching and champion the merits of being educated.

    Then all the dubs will say "Yes, that makes sense".


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