will a judicial comittee allow you to face your accusers

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  • label licker
    label licker

    We were told today, YES! Our accusers will be there. Is it true? We're also not allowed to have two observers. And we're not allowed to have the co neither. What is the protocol for a judicial comittee? We didn't even get a shepherding call or admonished twice by the accusations 1. Lies 2. disrespecting and speaking negatively about the elders behind their backs 3. Apostacy

    All of which we have not done to anyone in the congregation. We have been given a dead line to reply

  • Tech49

    Here are the facts, and the facts only.

    The answer given to you is deceiving.............. your accusers are the 3 brothers on the JC. There will be no others there.

    The only "offense" that would truly qualify as a disfellowshipping matter is #3. Apostacy. That is a picture that can be painted by a very broad brush, and can mean anything they want it to. Items #1 and #2 are just personal feelings, and will be used to prop up #3.

    If you choose not to reply, they will DF you in absentia, as THEY see fit.

    No matter the path, you will always have the option of APPEALING to the brothers within 7 days, and a NEW committee from a neighboring congregation will hear the "charges", and review the case, a do-over.

    Jack Harper, Tech49

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    JC doesnt offer any chance to face your accusers from what I gather, that would all be done prior in the investigation phase if done at all.

    Why go thru with this kangaroo court at all?

  • Lied2NoMore

    Ask what was heard, who from, who else was told, then characterize what they heard as defamation, slander, gossip and deny everything. They won't have accusers there but if they do talk to your accusers the same way but out of the presence of JC. If JC starts and no accusers are there tell elders you must know who said what, to whom, then ask if they would be willing to testify in court if you decide to bring a defamation suit against your accusers.

    Once you get legal with them they will be very hesitant to proceed. Tell them you would like to know their policy limits for their insurance that protects them from legal action for illegal acts they may commit as a result of JC.

    And by all means RECORD THAT JC! Then put it on YouTube!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
  • Honesty

    Steps to beat the bastards at their own game:

    1. When they ask the loyalty question reply with:

    "What makes you believe that I am not in unity with the organisation."

    If they insist, ask them if your relationship with Jehovah is a personal matter.

    2. Take a NWT and cut the center out, place a small digital recorder complete with new batteries inside and take it with you to the jc.

    Turn it on before you exit your vehicle and seal the book with super glue so it is difficult to open. Take along some Watchtower Bound Volumes that discuss apostasy and also an extra NWT.

    3. Ask the JC this:

    "Specifically, who is accusing me of wrongdoing?"

    That is what I did when 2 elders met with me when they were investigating my possible apostate leanings and separation

    from my superdub spouse.

    They never answered my question, so I told them that unless they could provide names and/or a person or persons who could accuse

    me I would initiate SEPARATE defamation suits against each member on the BOE down at the local courthouse and name them individually as my accusers.

    They backed off and didn't bother me again.

    2 months later I had my affairs in order and called the PO and one of the elders who had interrogated me and told them that the Governing Body were

    serpents who weren't to be trusted and they could say or do anything they wanted to about me because I just didn't care anymore.

  • jookbeard

    the funny thing on my JC the evidence from my accusers was obviously used in the first JC in which I was found guilty but in the appeal my accusers were used by me a make testimonies that I had quit speaking in a way deemed to be apostasy! crazy isn't it?

  • DesirousOfChange

    To have any chance of not being DFd or considered to have DAd, you must go to the Judicial Committee. Listen to the charges. DENY DENY DENY

    Claim that everything said against you (that is being considered apostacy) is twisted and is a misunderstanding.

    You could admit to problems with CERTAIN PEOPLE, but hold strong that you have NO PROBLEM with Jehovah's Organization.

    If you in fact did say apostate things to some people, and they do appear before you, or their stories are relayed to you by the Elders, stand strong that they misunderstood what you were saying. You might not understand some "new" teachings [new lite] but you are patiently waiting on Jehovah to clarify it all and/or to help you understand it.

    IF you don't care about being put OUT of the JW Network, then don't bother going.


  • Captain Obvious
  • gma-tired2

    They will lie to you to get you talk to them. An CO and Elder lied directly to me when I told them my son was not emtionally up to talking to them. They assured me one question and 5 minutes, was many intruding questions for hours. It was in my sons home, I will never let them cross a door into my home. They are not to be trusted.

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