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  • sosoconfused

    This is a letter I received today with my brother turning on me based on something that was told to him by my crazy mother. He works for me, yet has not spoken a word to me in months because he is a self-righteous little dick.

    What I would like to know from someone who knows the law, is it possible I can sue him if he pressures people to not work with me because of my religious beliefs???? We employee a fairly large number of witnesses from times past. Yes I would sue him. LOL

    <My Name Removed>,

    How are you and the family? Before we move along too far into this month, I wanted to contact you so that proper arrangements can be made going forward for my work. I've spent the better part of two nights praying about this matter and what I should do, and it is not an easy decision, but I think that for now it is better that I discontinue my working for you. I have completed all the work in my queue as of this morning so there is nothing outstanding other than the loss draft. I would be happy to complete that as well if you wish.

    Please note that this has nothing to do with your feelings about the organization at this point. I am in no position to judge you as an apostate and will not, unless by word or deed you make it known that it is so. Neither does it stem from any views of Mom, Dad or anyone else familiar with this matter may have shared.

    You are my brother. I love you unconditionally. I also have deep love for your family because we are bonded by family ties and our worship. However, it pains me greatly that in the situation that you're dealing with, we are unable to talk. I have no delusions of grandeur that I can steer you one way or the other, but I care deeply about you and your spirituality and feel I have an obligation to assist, both as your fleshly and spiritual brother, and fellow elder. Please know that I leave the way open for that and welcome the opportunity to do so. However, I feel it would be the height of hypocrisy on both our parts to work, communicate and profit materially from one another, if we are unable do the same spiritually. I cannot and will not in good conscience continue to do so. There is nothing materially I could gain that outweighs our spiritual bond and clean conscience and I won't allow our work to do that.

    Please know, that at this point, this is my private decision. I will not discuss it with any of the brothers and sisters in the area who work with you. If in time, circumstance are such that its necessary to do that, I will. But rest assured that for now this is my personal decision and I've discussed it with no one besides the family.

    I have no idea what I have done or potentially could do that would prevent us from discussing this issue. If I have done something, past, present or future that stifles our open communication, I apologize and would appreciate discussing it. I hope that sometime in the future we will.

    Please be assured of my continued love and support, both brotherly, familial, and principled. I pray Jehovah's spirit, direction, and strength will aid us both.

    <My Self-Righteous Brother>

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Just sounds like an asshole to me! No I take that back an asshole has a good purpose you'd miss it if it were gone.

  • UsuaIusern@me
    [email protected]

    If you live in the UK this letter alone means nothing.

    You will never be able to prove that he is discouraging people to work with u based on your faith.

    Just let him go.

  • Kojack57

    SoSo: It never stops does it. Your brother says he is not influenced by your mother or dad but that is an obvious lie. He's maybe worried that he will get disfellowshiped like Ray Franz by working with you.

    You know how those sanctimonious elders can be. Your brother is afraid he will be spread eagled by the BORG and their rules.

    Sorry your going through this bro, my prayers are with you.

    .I love you unconditionally but I can't have anything to do with you until you get your act together. Yeah right!

  • sosoconfused

    @USual - Once he finds out I am disfellowshipped he said that he will tell them. If he starts to tell people and I have proof would I be able to prosecute LOL

    You just have to love this cult

    @Kojack - thanks bro. Its amazing how quickly people will turn on you. Freaking disgusting

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi sosoconfused, I would follow the "Golden Rule". The one with the Gold rules!

    His letter sounds like he is quiting so you only owe him money for unpaid salary and vacation pay. Since he is your brother, it may be difficult for him to find work, and pay for medical insurance, I would ask him if he really wants to quit and that you would have no problem about not talking with him about the Watchtower and his beliefs. His cult persona choose to write his letter, assuming that he has an authentic persona.

    In the future if you find out that he is lying about you, the work that your company does, or how you operate your company, then I would consult a lawyer about sueing him. I would also keep this letter because it shows what he plans to do in the future. As far as hiring JWs, I would start to network with non-JWs, because you may find that non-JWs are more reliable workers than JWs.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


    I will not discuss it with any of the brothers and sisters in the area who work with you.
    If in time, circumstance are such that its necessary to do that, I will.

    The Writing is on the Wall..

    "I intend to screw with your business..Don`t say I didn`t Warn you.."

    ...........................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • gingerbread

    Your brother must have just watched the new DVD release "The Prodigal Son Returns" by the Watchtower Society.

    If you haven't seen it, the 1 1/2 hour long movie is currently viewable on YouTube. It's a real 'tear-jerker'...

  • sosoconfused

    @Abible - I actually did do that in my response letter. He told me that his decision is final and that he will not allow a need for monetary gain tocause him to disrespect the direction of the "slave". I swear to GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that a hate the term slave more than anything in this world. Not just cuz I am black(lol) but because it is always preceeded by some insanity

    @Outlaw - Those are my thoughts exactly LOL

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    He sounds like a little prick to me.

    Sorry he is your brother. Not your fault, though.

    Just Lois

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