Fading ... and Feeling Lost

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    Hi What Now?

    Intense relationships that we have become used to in "the truth" where near strangers can feel ok to ask the most personal questions are not quite the same when you're out IMHO. Leaving is a big step. The truth is designed to make that step terrifying when in and painful when out. Unless you're seeing a lot of people frequently it won't feel the same - a world of love bombers where you're routinely expected to openly share will not be an experience readily repeated in another environment. That's a good thing.

    You will make friends, you'll need to be proactive and they just may not be so intensive at first. Great advice on this thread. These are the tough days - it gets better, much better.


  • Adventurousone

    Hi What now:

    You know it's only been a short time that I've been out. And if it wasn't for my husband and JWN I don't know where I would be.

    I guess you could say I'm almost like you because we don't have any friends either just each other. So until we make new friends then we have

    each other on JWN. Wish you well in your new journey. Take care of yourself.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    Maybe you should try playing a sport, going to the gym, joining a club, or taking a class to expose yourself to situations where making new friends will be easy. I understand the difficulty of isolation and hope you cope with the fact that something was off about where you were and now there can only be progress. Excelsior.

    Best wishes.

  • Adventurousone

    Hi What Now:

    Just wondering how your getting along these days. Drop us a line and let us know that your okay. Send your husband our love your way and to you too.


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