Witnesses are coming to my door Sunday!

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  • jerome

    Oh By the way

    There is no way that any Jw would listen to all of my questions in just one sitting.

    Thanks for the offer dungbeetle but there is noway that you can get that to me in time.

    Mavman you continue to amaze me...

    People come to my house look me in the face and tell me lies and you condone it. I asked her a direct question about shunning and she LIED. How do you condone that.

    This religion is really starting to scare me. If I dident know what i know then I may have got trapped. Thank God for the internet.

    I mean the woman looked me strate in my eyes and told me that it was there decision to speak with someone if they got dfed. Aa bold face lie. As she said it i made shure that I kept staring and I dident blink. Then after a while she finally looked away. My My My...

    She had the gual to tell me that 1975 was no big deal and that it had nothing to do with her being baptised.

    You mean to tell me that she got bapitzed in 1969 and 75 had nothing to do with it.

    I think that her husband only started going to church with her because of the strain that it was putting on their marrage. This is just speculation though so I may very well be wrong. He got baptized in 92.

    I have to set realistic goals for this meeting so here are my objectives.

    Inform them of the UN scandal.

    Teach them what is psychological coercion.

    Make shure that they dont care to speak badly of me when they leave my home and start spreading vicious rumours about me.

    Draw as little attention to myself as possible. By that I mean i dont want them to go warning the rest of the congregation about me and stop witnesses from calling on my home. I dont really need to be shunned.

    Anything else is up for grabs.


  • MavMan

    Jbean: I was a child also back in '75. My dad was a Witness and I remember him speaking the C.O. back then about the expectations of 1975. The C.O. was very excited about the year and telling my dad about it, but my dad (1 year baptized at the time) told him that although it sounded interesting that still Jesus had said that "no one knows the hour nor the day". The C.O. agreed and said well if the end comes then that will be great, if it doesn't then we must just wait until Jehovah decides it's the right time. Meanwhile we should just concentrate on the work ahead and preach the good news to all nations. My dad agreed and that was the end of it.

    I agree the false expectations confused many and some that where Witnesses merely for the promise of the coming end, finally left. But the true witness that waits on puts full trust in Jehovah withered the storm and kept on the righteous path.

    Jerome says:

    Oh BTW Mavman

    What exactly is the JW good news? Do you mean that if I dont subject myself to the Watchtowers tyrinacal rule that the Lord will kill me? That dosent seem like such good news to me.

    Jerome, buddy, that’s just apostate propaganda that you’re repeating. The brothers taking the lead are not tyrannical. How would you know, you’ve never been a baptized JW, all you are doing is repeating the negativity and lies of this forum. The Good News is that the Kingdom headed by Jesus Christ will soon wipe out all evildoers from Earth. That certainly IS good news and it’s also good that Jehovah God is giving all of us the chance to change our lives and accept his guidance. He never acts without proper warning. Unfortunately, Satan has lead you straight into this forum to confuse you and to get you as far away as possible from the only way of survival. He has you so concentrated on minor, insignificant things, that you are letting pass the opportunity to be on Jehovah’s side.
  • slipnslidemaster

    I have to admit, I thought you were in full Troll mode with this one until you stated that no JW would sit through all of those questions.

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I think that you have an opening with them.

    What to do, what to do.

    Start slow, go with only absolutely verifiable material. Try to stick with only stuff that they can verify on the CD. Hammer the Generation change, the voting change in '99. Stuff THEY can look up.

    Remember that most congregation library's have been cleaned out and that even if they haven't, they will get questioned for being too obvious about looking up the old publications.

    Have a computer in the room. Look up the Quotes website in front of them. Print it out in front of them. Make them bring the Proclaimers book and start with that. Go over it line by line. First educate THEM regarding their own history. That way, you will have a base to attack them from.

    I'm positive that after the Proclaimer book they will be reeling.

    However, I don't think that they will be back either.

    Slipnslidemaster:"I worked very hard and I earned all the attention I'm getting."
    - Anna Kournikova

    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America

  • zanex

    be very very wary and cautious...word spreads like wildfire in a cong of someone in the community that has a negative outlook upon them...if u have ties to the jw's cut if off or get the gf to bail on em...rumors and "idle gossip" fly freely unless I remember my time incorrectly. Those territories cards have info on them and that info is circulated id imagine to elders and pioneers..etc so forth...unless u WANT to confront them in which case I wholeheartedly support yer adventures. Either shoot em dead in the face with info and fact after fact til they cant take it anymore or leave the issue totally alone and dont answer the door...I WAS a baptized witness, whatever thats worth, and sounds like u got yer info right jerome...

  • SYN

    MavMan: No, the issue here is that the WTBTS is a lying, deceiving organization based upon a book which is scarcely accurate, and at worst, utterly ludicrous. I personally wouldn't give a flying about the WTBTS, except for 2 factors:

    1. They have turned me into a cold, emotionless person, and to this day I'm still trying to recover from that. Many phobias etc that I was taught as a Dub will never, every leave me.
    2. They have literally killed people. They're murderers, and don't tell me that I'm lying, 'cause you know it's true. Their altercations with regards to blood transfusions and organ transplants and many other things have led to the deaths of innocent people, and THAT is completely UNFORGIVEABLE. PERIOD.

    It really is such an amazingly beautiful series of interlocking systems that comprise what a human is. It's too bad we're working backwards from the object code, everything would be simpler with the source and a comment or three thrown in.

  • jerome

    I forgot to tell you ppl something really important.

    I am doing this for pratice. When I confront my gf's parents I wan to know what to expect.
    If I can make an impact on these people then it would allow me to better prepare myself for what my gf's parents would say if I told them that I was anti watchtower.

    Thats all on that issue.

    You told me that I am listening to apostate propaganda.
    Well your right. And i'm very well glad that I did.

    Jehovah Witnesses lie when you ask then direct questions. SImple as that.

    If you were to read this link and refute it then mabe I would consider acting as if you were credible.


    But untill then you are just a nonsensible bad infulence.

    Why would you want me to join the watchtower when you yourself cant even subject yourself to their authority.

    Thats it for now.


  • NewLight2

    Ask them about the information at this page: Photos from the book are available for you to download.

    How the Watchtower Society Used the Book Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber

    - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/5385/index.html

    Watchtower receives "New Light" in the 60's: Organ Transplants are Cannibalism! Contains photo copies to download:

    - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/5385/WTandCan.html

    See also:
    Shaun's Research on the Jehovah's Witnesses (Site Contains Photo Documentation )

    - http://www.jwfiles.com/index.htm


    - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/7831/
    When you get to that site - scroll down and click on these links. Ask the JW's to explain all the "misquotes" in their "Trinity" booklet.
    13.The Dishonesty of the "Should You Believe in the Trinity?" Booklet (Part 1)
    14.The Dishonesty of the "Should You Believe in the Trinity?" Booklet (Part 2)

    Research on the Watchtower

    (Essays by Alan Feuerbacher, Ray Franz, M. James Penton, Carl O.Jonsson, Norman Hovland, Jan Haugland)


  • trudy

    Dear friends,
    If one presents a Jehovah's Witness with these scriptures,
    it may give them something to think about.
    (John 14:15)"If you 'love' me, you will observe my commandments."

    (verse 21)"He that has my commandments and observes them,
    that one is he who loves me. In turn he that loves me,
    will be loved by my Father, and I will plainly show myself
    to him."
    What were Christ's commandments?
    First of all, what is the commandment of God?

    And a voice came out of the cloud, saying:
    "This is my Son, the one that has been chosen, Listen to him."

    God commanded we MUST LISTEN to Jesus!

    (John 8:47)"He that is from God listens to the sayings
    of God. This is why you do not listen, because you are not
    from God."
    (John 18:37)Jesus said,
    "Everyone that is on the side of the Truth,
    listens to my voice."

    (John 15:20) Jesus also said to his disciples,"if they
    have observed my word, they will observe yours also."

    (John 15:14) "You are my friend if you do the things I am
    commanding you."
    (John 14:23)"If anyone loves me, he will observe my word,
    and my Father will love him and we shall come to him and
    make our abode with him. He that does not love me does not
    observe my words; and the word that you are hearing are
    not mine, but belongs to the Father who sent me."

    (John 15:17)"These are the things I command you, that you
    love one another."

    (John 14:1)"[exercise]faith in God, exercise faith also in
    (John 8:51)"Most truly I say to you, If anyone observes my
    word, he will never see death at all!"

    (John 6:48)"I am the bread of life, your forefathers ate the
    manna in the wilderness and yet died. This is the bread that
    comes down from heaven so that ANYONE may eat of it and NOT DIE.
    I am the living bread that came down from heaven; if anyone
    eats of this bread he will live forever, and, for a fact,
    the bread that I shall give is my flesh in behalf of the life
    of the world."
    (verse 53)"Most truly I say to you, Unless you eat that flesh
    of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in
    yourselves. (spiritually dead) He that feeds on my flesh and
    drinks my blood has everlasting life and I shall resurrect him
    at the last day, for my flesh is true food, and my blood, true
    drink. He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood remains
    in union with me, and I in union with him. Just as the living
    Father sent me forth and I live because of the Father, he also
    that feeds on me, even that one will live because of me. This is
    the bread that came down from heaven, It is not as when your
    forefathers ate and yet died. He that feeds on this bread will live forever."The sayings that I have spoken to you are spirit
    and are life. But there are some of you that do not believe."

    You might ask,
    "Do you believe Christ's words? Do you obey them?
    If not, ask them why?
    Is it because of the teachings of their church you do not obey?
    Christ? Is it because of the church's doctrines? Or is it fear
    of what others may think of you?
    Then present to this scripture:
    (Mark 7:7)"It is in vain that they keep worshipping me, because
    they teach as doctrines commands of men. Letting go the
    commandment of God, you hold fast the tradition of men."
    (see also Jerimiah 17:5)
    "Cursed be the able bodied man who puts his trust in
    earthling man and actually makes flesh his arm, and
    whose heart turns away from Jehovah himself.
    (verse 7) "Blessed be the able bodied man who puts his
    trust in Jehovah and whose confidence Jehovah has become.
    And he will certainly become like a tree planted by the
    waters, that sends out its roots right by the watercourse,
    and he will not see when heat comes but his foliage will
    actually prove to be luxuriant. And in the year of drought,
    he will not become anxious nor will he leave off from
    producing fruit."
    (verse 12-13)"There is the glorious throne on high from the
    start; it is the place of our sanctuary. O Jehovah, the hope
    of Israel, all those who are leaving you will be put to
    shame. THose apostatizing from me will be written down even
    in the earth because they have left the source of living
    water, Jehovah."

    You might ask, "who do you put your faith in, God's word?
    or men who are religious leaders ?

    I'd remind them of this scripture quoted often, yet not
    getting the sense of it's true meaning.
    (Matt. 28:19-20)
    "Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the
    nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of
    the Son and of the holy spirit, TEACHING them to OBSERVE
    you all the days until the conclusion of the system of
    Now stop, let them think about what is being said here.
    What does this scripture mean? Doesn't it mean Christ's
    disciples must preach, making more disciples, teaching
    them to do all the commandments they were taught to do?
    Passing it on to others? Of course it does!
    Ask them," Does your religious leaders teach their students
    to observe all the things Christ commanded his disciples to
    If not, then they are not teaching the Truth.
    After all Jesus Christ is the Truth! (John 14:6)
    He is the LIGHT. (John 8:12) "I am the Light of the world."
    (John 3:17-19)"For God sent forth his Son into the world,
    not for him to judge the word, but for the world to be saved
    through him (not religous organizations)He that [exercises]
    faith in him is not to be judged. He that does not [exercise]
    faith in him has been judged already, because he has not
    [exercised] faith in the name of the only begotten Son of God."
    Now this is the basis for judgement, that thelight has come
    into the world but men have loved the darkness rather than
    the light, for their works were wicked. For he that practices
    vile things hates the light and does not come to the light,
    in order that his works may not be reproved. But he that does
    what is true comes to the light in order that his works
    may be made manifest as having been worked in harmony with God."

    You may want to ask them, "Does your religion allow to be
    examined or questioned? Does it allow you to see faults that
    had been done in the past and present?
    (Amos 5:10) "In the gate they have hated a reprover and
    a speaker of perfect things they detest."
    Does your religion hate a reprover? Does it allow examination
    of it's claim that God has chosen it to dispence sprititual
    food at the proper time? Are you allowed to examine it's
    teachings when Christ had (?) chosen them?
    Have you researched it's past teachings? If not, why not?
    Why do you fear?
    (1 John 4:18)"There is no fear in love, but perfect
    love throws fear outside because fear exercises a restraint."
    Everyone believing that Jesus is the Christ has been born from
    God, and everyone who loves the one that caused to be born
    loves him who has been born from that one. By this, we gain
    the knowledge that we are loving the children of God, when we are loving God and doing his commandments."

    (1 John 5:1-12)"For this is what the love of God means that
    we observe his commandments and yet his commandments are not
    burdensome, because everything that has been born
    from God conquers the world.
    And this is the conquest that has conquered the word,
    our faith. Who is the one that conquers the word but he
    who has faith that Jesus is the Son of God?
    This is he that came by means of water and blood,
    Jesus Christ; not with the water only but with the water
    and with the blood. And the spirit is that which is
    bearing witness, because the spirit it the truth."(1 John 5:1-6)
    (verse 9) If we receive the witness men give, the witness
    God gives is greater, because this is the witness God gives,
    the fact that he has borne witness concerning his Son. The
    [person]putting his faith in the Son of God has the witness
    given in his own case. The [person] not having faith in God
    has made him a liar, because he has not put his faith in
    the witness given, which God as witness has given concerning
    his son. And this is the witness given, that God gave us ever
    lasting life and this life is in his Son. He that has the Son
    has this life, he that does not have the Son of God, does
    not have this life."

    If one really reads the Bible, we see God tells us we get
    life if we are 'in Christ'. Not 'in man made religions'.
    In Christ we are saved. In no other name are we saved.

    (1 Corinthians 7:23) "You were bought with a price, stop
    becoming slaves of men."

    Love 'in Christ'


  • Dutchie

    MavMan, the "Good News" as preached by the witnesses is that anyone who does not become a jehovah's witness is going to die at Armegeddon. You can dress up that message with a lot of fancy, schmancy words. But in a nutshell, that is the gist of what you're preaching from door to door.

  • TR


    Here are two persons that are sharing the good news of the Kingdom with folks in your neighborhood.
    Pure bullshit, and you know it, or should know it.


    Very good! Sounds just like the conversation I had with two elders a couple years ago. Stammering, sputtering, they couldn't answer my questions, and seemed to know very little about WT history. Both these guys are older dudes and one is a lawyer, and a bankruptcy lawyer at that! Hope he finds out how bankrupt morally and ethically his religion is.



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