Questions about the Flood for Brother Jeramy

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  • marmot

    Neat Blue Dog, how is 8-10,000 B.C. even *remotely* close to the time of the biblical flood? If you go by the Bible's laughable chronology the flood happened around 2400 B.C.

    Have you even read the book you profess to believe in?

  • Spectre

    I was talking to my step-dad some years ago about the flood and how it was stupid that some think it was the flood that made the grand canyon. He said, "how do you know that Jehovah didn't put Noah and everyone in the ark in suspended animation for a half a million years and that's the way the flood made the grand canyon?"

    I thought that my usual reply to something that stupid of, "how do you know the giant noodle spaghetti monster didn't create the whole universe 5 minutes ago?" would have been wasted on him.

  • freemindfade
    Spectre, whenever someone answers a flood problem with some grand miracle, I like to respond with isn't it more logical to say god could have used such power to just snap his fingers and remove the wicked without destroying anything else, plants, animals, etc. It's funny no?
  • _Morpheus
    Actually yes it is an answer to my question. Im hurt by the "thumbs down" though :(
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    neat blue dog,

    "4: Pretty much all researchers agree that civilization began to record their history only less than 5,000 years ago, and for some reason the humans in the thousands of years before that didn't."

    There are cave paintings that are tens of thousands of years old.

    "Explain how a plant that ok can be dated with pinpoint certainty."

    Tree rings. They overlap in fossilized trees. There's a whole field of science that deals with that. It's called dendrochronology.

    "who said saber tooth tigers ate grass?"

    Most young earth creationists claim that there were no predators before the Fall and that lions ate grass and tyrannosaurus ate palm trees or their coconuts.

  • stuckinarut2

    I love this thread!

    It proves that there are some narrow minded idiots in this world that will not allow FACTS to stand on their own!

    They still insist on trying to twist "science" and religious fables together in order to prove a point....

    It seriously is laughable.....except for the FACT that millions of lives have been messed up or destroyed because of such arrogant stupidity!

    I revert back to darkmatter2525 video (as embedded in the first page of this thread). That great video touches on just the main points to begin with....I would like to see a "biblical scholar" try and refute those points alone, then we can get back into the deeper points after!

  • TD

    Most young earth creationists claim that there were no predators before the Fall and that lions ate grass and tyrannosaurus ate palm trees or their coconuts.

    (Rod Serling holding a cigarette..)

    Submitted for your approval....

  • Spectre

    TD- I so want that book!

  • kaik

    There is no whatsoever scientific proof on global flood in recent geological times. Hydroplate theory is a pseudoscientific concept easily rebuffed by earth science peer review material.

    For example there is no discontinuity of forests in the northern hemisphere since the last ice age. Wood is well preserved to analyze all the tree rings as far as back as 8000 BC. We can even trace two major volcanic eruptions in the Bronze age (Thera and Hekkla) which happened around the so called Global Flood. These two major eruptions had left deep marks upon the atmosphere and on climate, such as decrease of temperature for several decades that science can even pinpoint them with accuracy of several years in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. There are so many issues with the global Flood in 2200BC that even mainstream churches (Catholic, European Protestants, and Orthodox) accepted it as a myth. The exceptions are fundamentalist evangelical churches having grassroots support in USA.

  • kaik
    There was agricultural civilization in interglacial period in Europe which was destroyed by cooling temperature of the northern hemisphere after 15000 BC. This civilization of hunters and gatherers left countless traces in Central Europe with various clay statues known as venuses (Venus of Wilensdorf , Dolni Vestonice, Landek) for their body shapes. These people lived 28000-18000 BC but disappeared in the last glacier period which lasted for another 7000 years. The glacial and interglacial period is well documented and highly visible in European and Northern American landscapes. Flora, fauna, and entire eco-climate had changed irreversibly.

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