I'm addicted!!!

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  • ballistic

    YOu guys should know better. Hey! I HAD to stop spending soooooo much time here as I was doing last year. I started dreaming about it in the end. You know what they say - too much of a good thing?

  • Joyzabel

    *standing up, looking around the room nervously*

    Hi, my name is joy and *clearing throat* I have been addicted to jw.com. *shaking, sitting back down, mumbling to myself, "what is stage one and is there really 12 steps I have to go through to be free of my addiction!?", thinking of changing name to joy2bhooked*

    <passing mike to the next person.....>

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I'm addicted too. Last night I came to the conclusion that this board can not only be addictive, but depressing sometimes. When I've been on the board too long I feel spent. I've decided to just check in for a few minutes throughout the day, but no more than 3 times per day.

  • Doc_jedd

    ... Guilty as charged I find myself here most work days at 4:30 AM wile im waiting for the coffee pot to fill (just gotta see what happined wile i was sleepin)..........Jedd

  • butalbee

    I spend countless hours here, when I should be paying bills, doing laundry, and spying on that handsome young man that just moved next door. I live, breathe, and dream JW.com, and if I can't post I start to shake, I get all sweaty, and weak, until I finally get my fix....and click the "reply to topic" button. This site is worse than any drug, I am dependant and would go through terrible withdrawl without. Somebody please help....

  • Xena

    Damn it I am NOT addicted...oh sure I spend countless hours here...refreshing over and over..waiting for something new to show up...for someone to post back to me...I watch the chat room to see when people go in...but I am NOT addicted I tell you....

    uuummmm do you think I might need some intervention?

  • MegaDude


    10. Keeping up with the latest nonsense spewing out of the Watchtower which continually reminds me I left for a good reason.

    9. Regular cyber happy hour with Joy2bfree pouring the Merlot.

    8. Enjoy spankings and whippings from Think41Self

    7. Intense intellectual philosophical/relgious debate

    6. Intense shallow fluff

    5. Keep up with next Texas apostofest date

    4. Must know who is posting they are leaving here forever and will be returning back in two weeks.

    3. Enjoy helping questioning JWs leave The Borg.

    2. Three words: Single Apostate Chicks.

    1. You guys and gals are too much fun. I'm keeping this addiction.

  • LyinEyes

    Oh no , me too. I cant sleep . I have been posting and reading and I cant stop, I must sleep. The Xanxax doesnt even help anymore, I get too hyped up, sometimes just plain pissed off at what the JW crap is going on. Maybe I shouldnt get all fired up before bedtime huh?
    Oh well, I love it , I will just add this to my list of addictions.

  • TR

    Hi, (stands up)

    I'm TR, and although not addicted to this forum(yeah, right!)I'm just here in support of all the gorgeous ladies, er, what I mean is, I'm here to check out the, I mean, what I'm really here for is...(sits back down because of wood)



  • SYN

    TR: Ah, the "rigours" of public performance!

    It really is such an amazingly beautiful series of interlocking systems that comprise what a human is. It's too bad we're working backwards from the object code, everything would be simpler with the source and a comment or three thrown in.

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