Ex-Witness singles?

by Ephanyminitas 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • SYN

    Eph: Tip: Post butt-naked pictures of yourself. Soon you will be a celebrity amongst the women on this site, they have this little 'hot XJW guy picture' email-network, with tons of subscribers, you could make a lot of money, BLINGBLING you know!

    [SYN], of the Being Exceedingly Naughty Class!

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

  • Ephanyminitas

    That's just scary. ;-) Did you see the page yet?

  • Xena

    Ok I hate to pull rank here but I am a JEDI...so Masters and Juniors MUST OBEY me....

    I wanna see!!!!!

    (can you see a tantrum coming on????)

  • Ephanyminitas

    Xena, I've sent you an e-mail. Check it out, sensei!

  • Xena

    Thank you Ephyyy....see I am easy to please as long as there is immediate obedience to my will....

  • neyank


    You Texans are OK.


  • flower


    Well thats was just 'my' reaction to the site E. And admittedly it may be different than other women, after all I'm not in the 'butt-naked pics email network' either.

    I'm sorry if my response was too strong or inappropriate for posting here. I didnt mean that you are a jerk, thats why I said I dont know you well enough to say how you really are but that was just my honest feelings from the page. I dont like to ever judge a book by its cover so I wouldnt call you a jerk without a better reason than that.

    I realize that we are all learning as we go in this dating game so we have to learn which approach works and which dont. I happen to think that your overall message and approach is narrowminded and you are missing the most important parts of a relationship. That advertisment type stuff is ok when you are just looking for a date but you make it sound like you are looking for "the one" and when it comes to a serious relationship none of that superficial stuff really matters.

    The foundation for a beautiful, successful relationship is not if your height, hobbies and/or tv watching habits match your criteria its about connecting on a personal, emotional level. If you have that then all the other stuff falls into place and can be worked out.

    Just my opinion, which I admit may be warped. You're right its probably just me.


  • Ephanyminitas

    Flower -- you made some good points. I agree that I might be looking through a too-narrow telescope. But I don't trust the people online, and I don't like (many of) the people online. It's just a way to filter out the crap, I guess. As Xena told me offline (I assume you don't mind):

    A jerk...no I wouldn't say that. You are just someone who knows what they are looking for and doesn't mind saying so. Nothing wrong with that. My only concern is that you might be missing out on some nice women who don't meet ALL the criteria...but that is something you will have to work out for yourself.
    So this is something that more than one person is concerned about. Of course, the reason that I _am_ being a bit paranoid is that I've been married before, so I've learned a lot about what I _don't_ like and what I _do_ like. In a sense, I know what'll keep me happy. But again, you're right that I'm being too picky.

    Now, folks, let's get this back on track! ^_^;

  • Xena

    Ok ya'll...group hug...{{{{{{flower, ephanyminitas}}}}}}}...there wasn't that fun????

    NO NO NO neyank....people from Oklahoma are OK...Texans are AWESOME

  • plmkrzy

    Well I'm single...finally, in pretty darn good shape, for my age. Hell for any age Great cook. And If I were looking for someone,
    And IF I were oh...10 years younger I would be attempting to exchange some pampering techniques with Reborn. You’re a Hottie!

    Seems like all the other hotties around here are taken!

    My kids are grown now and I'm furthering my education that is looong over-due. I'm really looking forward to diving headfirst and full steam ahead into my career. Plus I am still hoping to franchise on a friend of mines kwoon and teach martial Arts until I die.
    I'm pretty content with my life most of the time but I do get lonely for people and friends.

    Flower...it's just as well those long distance relationships never go any where anyway.

    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides

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